Middle Eastern Love: Sumac

I had a lovely girly afternoon today with my great friend Cath. We decided to have a different lunch with a Middle Eastern touch at Sumac. I have to say, I’m loving St-Henri like crazy these days!

This resto has a super cute interior design with a lot of wood and exposed brick walls. Also, it is very spacious and bright with antique Eames chairs (#winning) and beautiful industrial lighting fixtures.

We both had the Falafel plate. All the plates are served with fresh pita bread (it’s so perfectly puffy with their signature zata’ar, simply delicious) Two salads are included, all of them fresh and full of flavour.

We had the quinoa with Kale, Almonds, Barberries, Golden Raisins and Coriander, and also tried the Salade Cuite (OMG!) a mix of roasted sweet peppers and slow cooked tomatoes.

The hummus is also homemade (and yummy!) and the Falafels were the best ones we’ve tried so far.

The service is super friendly and not fancy at all. You order at the cash as soon as you arrive, the menu is tacked up in mini pieces in a beautiful wooden wall. Right after you’ll get a number you can leave in your table and they will bring your delicious plates to you. 

This place is SO worth to repeat! (I’m craving more Falafel just by looking at the pictures again)

I’m looking forward to coming back soon.


Tuesday to Saturday 

Lunch & Supper (until 9pm/10pm)

Reservations: Noup 

Kids Friendly: Yep! Open space with a lot of room for your babies!

Address: 3618 Notre Dame Ouest