How to Make The Easiest Balloon Garland

Friends! I’m baaaack after a short break from the *internet* and blogging world, woot woot!
before jumping into this cute DIY project, I gotta confess that this break (much-needed break) made me good. good to my soul, to my inner peace and my mental health. I have to dedicate a full blog post soon about what I experienced the past two weeks and how am I changing the way I work in this digital world, more on that, soon.

anyyyyywho, we are here for all the balloons, am I right?
During our studio celebration a few days ago, the HeyMaca team worked in a few cute DIY ideas and this arch was A MUST do. Here’s the story how we did it, step-by-step and how you can make a super simple one in your next celebration. 

Materials you’ll need

Balloons – we bought them in different sizes (mini, small and regular)
Balloon pump – the most important tool
Balloon strip – the easiest way to set them together, we got this combo here
Glue dots – also a must like this one

I D E A S!

How to, step-by-step


Start by aligning all the balloons and planning your colour palette. We did a super pastel arch and tried to add a lot of white to balance everything. Using your balloon pump, fill all the balloons (in different sizes) with air. You’ll have a LOT.


Open your balloon strip and after you have your blown up balloons start attaching them to the strip one by one into the holes where you can pull all the balloons through. We mixed the big ones first and then small/medium.


After you finish your first balloon strip, you can glue (with your dots) small and medium balloons on top to create & fill the arch. This last step is the most fun one! have fun adding a lot of balloons and shape them the way you want your arch to be. 


If you want to be extra, you can add flowers, vine greens, and real monsteras.

If you make your own balloon arch, we can’t wait to see it! Tag us using #HeyMacaLoves on Instagram.Happy DIY’ing!

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