Say Yaaaay!

Some of the yay things of this week

Say Fajitas night! 

brown lentil soup from heaven

sneak peak of his closet


 for me, this concert was one of the best that I’ve been to this year

wow for justice.

37 weeks this week (wwoowww!) and I’m still a pizza lover. 

Craving for pizza and pasta.

ALL the time.

Weird eh?

 This was the cutest surprise at work :”( 

Guys, I’ll miss you like hell this year. 

You guys really rock eeevery day during these 13 months working together, 

and more than a team, 

we actually are a big family.

I’m really thankful for that. You’ll do amazing this coming year!

Kisses and infinite hugs to all of you.

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What I got recently!