Healthy cauliflower au gratin

I’ll eat this forever and ever!

Cauliflower is one of my favorite ingredients and mixing it with leeks and onion, they became the perfect couple.
The best part? No milk, no butter, no calories! wooooho!

Cauliflower/leek/onion au gratin

1/2 cauliflower / 1/2 coliflor

1/2 leek / 1/2 ajoporro

1/4 white onion (douce) / 1/4 de cebolla blanca dulce

Olive oil, salt, pepper / Aceite de oliva, sal, pimienta

Fresh persil / Perejil fresco

Chicken broth (with no salt) / Consome de pollo sin sal

Almond milk / Leche de almendras

Parmesan cheese (optional) / Queso parmesano opcional


Boil the cauliflower – mix the leek, onion, olive oil and the cauliflower after boiling – add 1/3 cup of chicken broth, salt, peper and fresh persil – add all the ingredients in the mixer (you can add a little of almond milk here) – pour the mix in a bowl, add cheese and broil until crisp! 



Hierve el coliflor – mezcla el ajoporro, la cebolla y el aceite de oliva y el coliflor hervido – agrega 1/3 de taza de consome de pollo, sal, pimienta y perejil fresco – pasa todos los ingredientes a una licuadora (puedes agregarle un poco de leche de almendras aqui) – coloca la mezcla en un envase, agrega el queso y colocalo en broil hasta que dore!