The HeyMaca Shop Inspiration

The HeyMaca products are officially in production! (PINCH ME!)and seeing the evolution of this new collection has been a big challenge for me and Lucile (the most talented designer and Illustrator in life). So today, I wanted to walk you through the process of what we’ve been doing, planning and executing all these months behind the scenes of the new HeyMaca shop. 
All, all the colours!
To begin with, the concept and idea of launching real, tangible products have been a dream since I started the blog, and I knew it’ll take time to do it right. If you add to this, that we are both very picky and pay attention to every single detail,  I kinda knew we would take some time to develop something solid.We did a zillion, ZILLION, mood boards like these you see in this post, putting together what inspires us and things that are very “Maca” like all my friend’s mention.Sourcing has been our number one challenge when we started, finding different suppliers that have the best quality, delivery time and the products we have in mind to produce, is something, let’s say, complicated. 
Next step after we found different suppliers was to place samples. 
Working with different materials (metal, threads, cotton, silk) is a learning curve I’m experiencing for the first time (that I’ve LOVED). Sometimes the samples didn’t meet the standard we were looking for, so the circle started all over again (finding a new supplier, negotiating, testing).For our soft launch, we’ll include:- Scarves- Pins- Patches- Art prints- Weekly planners- Notebooks- Accessories- PostcardsAll designed by us, obviously.We don’t know what the future will hold, but we are so excited to launch something out of this HeyMaca world we can wear, touch and see, outside the little Instagram boxes.yay for that!