Yay Things of The Week: It’s Pink Time in The City!

Jardin Botanique Spring

This past week was unbelievably busy with a zillion deadlines, spring cleaning at home and at the studio, days with the kiddos at home, cooking delicious recipes, studio days filled with many DIY projects, and a city surrounded with pink at every corner, my fave season of the year without a doubt. 

Spring brings a lot of happiness to this mama here and the feeling of beginning a new season always inspires me to start new things (for real): I started my pottery membership at Les Faiseurs (OMG, this is for real you guys!), I started back a new medication for my mental health (more on this later on), I’m planning new projects for the shop including a lovely new packaging, shooting more fun DIY projects because they are just the cutest and I feel I’m helping many people, AT LAST receiving our COVID vaccine (it happened! it happened!), and booking some trips that I can’t wait to do with my little family. 

Allll in one week, what? yes! 

Jardin Botanique Montreal during Spring

We also did a family afternoon walk to the botanical garden to see the Spring blooms for the first time, and you had to see me *almost* screaming at every single cherry blossom and magnolia tree I saw during our visit. 

I brought my big camera (she was so happy) and shot so many photos that sunny afternoon. If you haven’t been there quite yet, now it’s the time, trust me, you’ll see all the bloomed cherry blossoms in their glory. 

Jardin botanique montreal
Botanical garden Montreal

Oli was so happy picking up many little flowers and seeing for the first time cherry blossoms with mama, I love you little one.

Scroll down to see how inspired I was shooting all the beauty we saw. 

Hope you had an adorable, productive and lovely week as well!

Montreal botanical garden during spring
Botanical garden in montreal
Magnolia trees in montreal
cherry blossoms in montreal
Cherry blossoms in montreal
Cherry blossoms and magnolias in montreal
Cherry blossoms in montreal
Jardin botanique cherry blossoms
Jardin botanique magnolia trees

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