2020 Year in Review, Summer edition

Summer dresses musts

How can I even start writing about 2020? Can someone please sit with me and hug me while I try to get some words out? Oh yes, true, we can’t hug anymore, because, ‘rona, right? It’s been quite a while since I don’t share a life update with you guys, not even on stories, because I’m sure the past 6 months have been quite challenging not only for this mama over here, but for everyone. 

I often have my quarters planned, figured it out, with so many to-do lists, so many goals, and with an endless go-getter kindred spirit that, in a very strange way, isn’t present right now. 

And as I shared a few days ago on my stories, my mental health has been (surprisingly, for the first time in my life), my to-do list. my goal. and where all my energy is, right now. 

How can I plan, move forward, and set goals this year? 

Miami in Pastel

What I focused on 

My people and on all the small things. all of them. hugging my babies way more than before, telling them 100 times a day how much I love them, facetiming all my friends, texting them telling them how important they are. 

In accepting that I needed help. and seven weeks ago, I visited my family doctor and after a long, much needed meeting, started an anxiety treatment, that brought MANY side effects, but, helped me stay calmed, something I wasn’t experiencing for a long time ago, crazy, right? Also, the daily stoic (as you’ve seen on Instagram), has been my morning ritual.

Hey Maca Blog

and I’ll remember all the memories, this summer, all

when I started selling my clothes and saw many smiles – how our vacations now became road trips and we don’t even know what an airport is – uber eats became my BFF – many nights looking at the ceiling, trying to sleep – Oli starting ballet classes – many tiny food recipes – a new studio and a new business plan for it – a new heymaca shop collection – my obsession with dresses and jumpsuits with my white converse – having set up our patio at home, finally – mangu de platanos – many sunny days – a dream to build our second floor at home – boat rides with Nico & Oli – a new laundry room era filled with tiles – that feeling of happiness as soon as I started shooting stop motion again – pinterest nights – organization days thanks to the home edit show – puzzles with Oli – masks, hand sanitizer on repeat – missing my friends and family that I don’t get to see as often as before – My sudden love for hiking – A summer I don’t want it to leave behind, because, winter – breakfasts with Esteban almost every day – and finally, that much needed feeling of slowing down and not to work on weekends.

Love you, lots.

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