The June Edit

Big business decisions shared. Peonies picked in my backyard. New diagnostics that opened my eyes. Incredible amazing weather. Mary-janes with sparkly shoes dominated my Tuesdays. Mika jumping in my bed as the best morning alarm was here to stay. Projects that filled my heart with joy. Many recipes done at home and tried outside home.

June, you were tough, but you showed me I am way stronger than I thought I was.

Welcome to this June edit besties!

The Studio News

If I can be brutally honest with you over here, I knew this moment was about to arrive for a few months now, I just didn’t have the courage to fully accept it. Letting go this beautiful project I’ve worked on for many years, was telling myself something like “I know you tried hard, but it wasn’t hard enough”. After the announcement, I finally made peace this is the right time to move to the next phase of closing this cute door and opening a new one at home. Can’t wait to re-decorate the new studio at the second floor, while having the satisfaction that I did my best as a full-time creative entrepreneur – this chapter is still not over.

I’m a Peony Mom Now

This is the second summer since I planted my peony babies and I’m happy to report 11 beautiful, fragrant and stunning flowers were born right in my backyard, my little tiny city yard. I’ll cherish each of you forever, obviamente.


June was also the month that brought all the floral prints, cute skirts (I mean nothing new for a skirt lover all year long) and I shared so many outfit ideas over here – Are we LTK besties yet?

Connecting with Our Roots

This month, I was lucky enough to meet where is noa, a filmmaker originally from Japan that spent six months discovering Venezuela with a backpack, a 360 camera and learning Spanish. He brought to the Hey Maca studio his 35-min virtual experience where ex-pats can immerse themselves as if they were back to their country. So glad Oli got to experience this with me.

A Colourful Summer Ahead

My beloved obsession for funky, colourful sunglasses are here to stay and my collection keeps growing (do not tell my husband). So here’s my ultimate girl-goes-to-the-hamptoms-with-cute-glasses list for you *wink* (just click and shop, yay!)

Margs, Margs Time baby!

Tres Amigos, a well known Montreal Mexican spot invited us to check out their new summer cocktail menu and new fresh plate options during June. The best part? 25 new cocktails arrived including 24 mocktail versions of them, WIN! My recommendations? The passion fruit margarita and the veggie fajitas plate, por favor y gracias.

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