A Step-by-Step Guide to Design a Stylish Gymnastics-Themed Birthday Party Decor

Oli became the gymnast of this family and this year all she could ever ask for was a birthday party filled with a gymnastic world – challenge accepted my big girl!  Planning a birthday party with a gymnastics theme was an amazing challenge to start the year for this mama gathering all the decor, colour palette and activities for 12 kiddos for a cute party at the Hey Maca studio.

Let me tell you, with the right decor, you can transform any party venue into a dazzling gymnastics wonderland that will leave everyone flipping with joy, pinky promise. And in today’s post, I will show you a fun step-by-step guide to help you decorate a stylish gymnastics-themed birthday party just like I did this weekend. 

Let’s have fun!

Invitations that Set the Stage

 I designed the cutest invites with the exact same decor elements of the party that set the tone reflecting the gymnastics theme inviting their friends to wear their favourite gymnastic outfit (a total success of the party!)

Pick a Color Palette 

Choose a color scheme that resonates with the gymnastics theme. I opted using a combination of vibrant colors like yellow, pink, blue to create a visually striking decor. These colors not only represent the dynamism of gymnastics but also add a touch of elegance (and cuteness!) to the overall decor.


Plan activities that match the decor

Now that you have planned the venue, the colour palette and the theme, plan the activities that match the decor. In our case, we had: 

– free time for the girls to do gymnastics with a balance beam and mats

– crafts making friendship bracelets while listening to Taylor Swift (here’s an epic kit for your next party)

– Magical drawing with scratch paper (here’s a fun set you can use)

– pinata (I’m totally having one in my next birthday!)

– selfie area with a fun wall garland + polaroid printer (I took MANY photos with my phone and used this Fujifilm Instax polaroid printer)


Create a unique snack table

Firstly. let’s impress your cute gymnasts  with a menu that includes both delicious and nutritious options. Set up a hummus and fresh veggie station, complete with colorful bell peppers, carrots, and broccoli for dipping. Add in some whole-grain chips  and cheese (always cheese) for a crunchy treat that aligns with the health-conscious theme.

If you are a no-baker like myself, get your cupcakes, cookies and decorated pretzels at your local grocery store and decorate them with party toppers (no one will believe you did this trick!)

Lastly, want to compliment the snack table with a cute decor touch? Add a balloon set near the table, a great idea that every girl loved so much, and let the birthday girl fill and personalized all the party bags, she will fill special and important. 

Color-Coordinated Vintage Cake

Finish off the celebration with a show-stopping vintage cake (aka my dream) that goes in hand with the color scheme of your gymnastics theme (remember the first point?).

This was the ultimate day for the girls and for the mamas that spent the afternoon together, celebrating one more trip around the sun of my. little one.

you can find our gymnastics party decoration kit here

Hope you loved this birthday recap, it was the dreamiest day, Can’t wait to have you here again soon,

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