5 FUN Pillows You Need in Your Home Decor, ASAP!

5 Fun Pillows you Need in your home decor!

Happiest Friday sweet friends!

I have a confession when it comes to home decor and interior design. there’s something I adore to collect (besides ceramics and shoes): Pillows! Yes yes, pillows!

 I’m that kind of girl who LOVES a fun pillow,  a colourful pillow and a different shaped one that bring such a perfect touch when we decorate our spaces. In today’s post, I’ll show you my latest FUN pillow collection you miiiiiight need to add at home, because they are truly, truly adorable.

The best part is that each of them are from local sourced shops (in Canada, US and Australia), yay!

Have fun, xo!

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Pink Shell Pillow


The shell pillow (one of my forever fave)

Fun shape pillows
Boho eye pillow

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