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Bento box essentials

My big boy Nico, is finishing 2nd grade next week so that means gimme all the tissues please, because time is passing so fast I’m not even sure how I have an almost-9-year-old-boy. 

Nico loves his summer camp in the neighbourhood, so we still pack lunch boxes and snacks after school year is finished, so I thought to put a list together for all of you mamas of my favourite lunch box essentials we use every day to pack all the yummy food he brings from home.

Happy lunch box packing and have lots of fun! 

Bento box essentials

1. the best stainless steel bento box – for real, I can’t recommend it enough! we bought it for Nico 4 years ago and it still looks brand new today. It comes in different designs and I love the 5 compartment option!

2. reusable silicone cups – I find them SO useful when you’re serving fresh veggies or anything that could have liquids, making sure they won’t spill or mix with anything else you served inside the bento box.

3. pastel silicone straw sets – I usually pack a drink and Nico loves to use straws. I find these are super good quality and they come in the sweetest colours! You can reuse them and wash them in the dishwasher, win!

3. sandwich cutters – my next goal is to create ultra-adorable mini sandwiches with different shapes (Hello, all the fuuuuun!) and I found this set that I LOVED! 

4. bento lunch box bag – If you want a new cute bag, SoYoung is a local Canadian company that makes the sweetest and most stylish ones! SO, run!

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