Gift Guide: My Ultimate Home & Design List!

90s coffee design

Remember our first gift guide of the year?

 My ultimate list of local treasures I discovered lately and put a big smile on my face (true story) was only the beginning! and if you saw my Instagram stories last night and my to-do lists party, my plan is to bring you a bunch of gift guides so you can discover many handmade, local and beautiful brands that inspire me on a daily basis. 

This week, let’s do 8 epic home products I’m suuuuure will bring you some much needed joy this 2020, inspired after visiting this AMAZING new coffee shop in downtown montreal, Caffettiera.

Let’s roll!

Home Gift guide

We’ve all spent a lot of time in an endless lockdown at home this year, so what’s better than collecting a few things to make our homes shine brighter?

1. Make Moves daisy soy candle (I bought it a few weeks ago and it is THE prettiest lil’ thing)

2. Fazeek soy terrazo soap bars (WHAT!)

3. Cybele Pilon cute planters (I want them all)

4. HeyMaca Si, Oui, Yes Art print (one of my fave our prints in our shop)

5.  From Fan irregular pastel mug (so effin’ epic)

6. Ten & Co citrus orange gift set (I mean, heart eyes emoji all over)

7. Buk & Nola epic pillow collection (this one in particular is beyond gorgeous and now at the studio)

8. Everything Sugar House Ceramics (foooor real)

9. Make Moves shell pillows (now available in a dreamy linen, oh my god)

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