Gift Guide: My Ultimate List of Local Treasures!

Christmas Local Gift Guide

We got ALL the christmas fever at the studio today with the visit of our Babasouk friends! And today, I put together 10 beautiful products you’ll love discovering as a part of our yearly gift guide: my ultimate list of local treasures.

Enjoy and happy shopping, friends!

Colourful statement earrings
Local guide gifts

These gorgeous neon statement earrings are just too beautiful!

The most adorable gift idea! I just bought two personalized rings with Oli & Nico’s names

Colourful yoga mat design
Gift guide 2020 local brands

This magical, washable and very pink yoga mat from our Babasouk friends!

OMG! Millie and Lou is my total addiction right now. Got this skirt and can’t wait to wear it!

Christmas decor gift guide
Local gift guide ideas

I’m literally obsessed with Ten and co and their beautiful citrus orange Swedish sponge cloths.

If you have a little princess at home, this is the perfect gift! Goye’s miniature tea set in porcelain.

Floral collar style
Colourful hair bows design

This! Floral! Collar! is! TOO! amazing! From the local brand Eliza Faulkner

A sweet special hair accessory from my favourite local brand, Heirloom Hats

Wall accent ideas
Color block dress style

If you have a gallery wall, you know it is an endless story, so here’s another accessory you need!

This epic colour block dress by Odeyalo, a total must in your list this year

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