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Print your kids draws into books

Growing up, I used to paint, craft, and create a ton of things with my hands, this is definitely no surprise for you, right?

I remember my favourite time at school, my very happy time was always, art class. Making my craft paper with dried flowers, designing all the posters we hung up in our school corridors, and that feeling of getting my hands drenched in paint, glue, that were the best memories I have: making a beautiful mess.

The only thing I regret? Not having a Tuta & Coco back then in the 80’s. 

Can you imagine all the beautiful books, postcards, calendars many moms would have now, and how special would be to show my kids what her mama used to do when she was as little as them?

Today, I’m SO happy to introduce you to this wonderful Canadian business on our Local Love series: Tuta & Coco

Printing your kids drawings to books

So, you’ve got plenty of designs just like me, right?

It warms my heart every time I pick up Nico and Oli at school and find them with a surprise for mama! A beautiful piece of art, they did with their little hands. Before knowing about Tuta & Coco, a local company created in Montreal, I would’ve kept all these drawings in a box, most probably in my locker. Isn’t it amazing that I didn’t realize this until you get something like this done and you value each of these old scribbles even more? 

I met Gaby, Tuta & Coco’s owner 10 years ago when we moved to Montreal, and she’s the sweetest, most talented artist, that dedicated all her heart to grow this company by herself. As a mama, she knew the value of keeping, preserving all the precious masterpieces her son created, turning them into modern, beautiful products. 

How to preserve your kids art with books

What products can we actually do?

Tuta & Coco offers many personalized products including artist books, calendars, postcards, greeting cards and yes, all with our little ones’ art! Isn’t this the sweetest idea, like ever? The entire process is personalized: you mail your drawings, pick up the layout, approve the layout, and then magic happens!

Best part? You’ll be supporting a local entrepreneur!

Kids art turned into collection books
Kids art into beautiful books

He was SO excited to see his artist book, and how each drawing tells his story. My mama heart meeeelts!!

Kids art - how to create memories with their art

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