My Pottery Love Diary!

Pottery for beginners

My pottery adventures started in the middle of the pandemic and wait what? I make ceramics now? Oh yes, I kinda do or at least I try to.

At the beginning of the year, I had *learn pottery* as one of my goals in 2020. I was clueless it’ll be such a beautiful process to learn. 

At first, understanding how to use the wheel was a bit intimidating for a girl who never ever used one before, including using strange tools, centering pieces, and so many secrets I didn’t know about. 

This slow process, made me understand that pottery is an art that teaches you all about resilience and patience and one day a week, I decided to block my calendar (for the first time in this self-employed life) and dedicate it to a real slow time.

Pottery for beginners

When my mental health and anxiety reached its peak, I found much relief once a week using the wheel, you have NO idea. I feel also extra lucky to be taught and guided by Steph, well known as Goye Ceramique. Two courses later (one at Goye’s studio and one at Les Faiseurs)  made me love this art even more.

I couldn’t believe the peace that brought me to create something so unique, hand formed, slow made from scratch (literally, a ball) and see it a few weeks after as a real, plate! 

For real, did I do this? 

Pottery classes: how to start

The process is incredibly long and now, more than ever, I admire ceramist artists SO much.

 You may wonder what takes to do a simple bowl? prep the clay, center it on the wheel, create a form (you can also cry that it works perfectly), then, cut piece off the wheel, leave the piece out to dry for weeks, turn it and smooth all imperfections, let it dry again, fire for hours, glaze, fire for more hours.

An art that requires so much patience, was just what I needed this year, and maybe, you do need it as well.

Pottery: how to make your own bowl

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be here in this corner making a few pretty things once a week.

Pottery essentials for begginers
Pottery essential tips

My babies ready to be turned, YAY! This is one of my fave parts of pottery, where our pieces are dry, and we smooth them before the last step, firing. it’s SO much fun!

Pottery wheel classes
Pottery tips and tricks

Have you find your passion yet? This one is def mine.

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