The Hey Maca Shop SS2020 Inspiration & More News!

HeyMaca Shop Spring Summer

We’ve had a couple of very busy weeks planning our upcoming Spring summer 2020 collection! We had endless coffees, we traveled, explored, spent countless hours on Pinterest building our secret boards, and YES,  a new Hey Maca shop collection is in FULL production now, YAY!  

Our love for all things summer, neons, pastels and a very special storytelling behind is part of the Hey Maca shop SS2020 Inspiration.

If you remember our first collection, Pastel Club, we were so inspired in pastel tones, flowers, travel and the love we both have for Montreal that worked SO well. 

In all honesty, I was hesitant to write this post today, after we discovered a very important part of our work, and our bestseller (that took many hours, work, and love) has been replicated in Montreal. This was a thing I knew could happen at any point, but personally, I couldn’t believe how people in 2020 still don’t have any kind of respect for the work, unique ideas and effort of other designers and Illustrators, (reason why I talked to our lawyer a few days ago, mainly to understand how we can protect our copyright, ideas and work as we grow).

BUT, at the same time (as the positive, joyful and forever optimistic mamas we are) opening up about what happened over here, and documenting everything we do, is what I love the MOST about my work as a blogger: showing you the behind the scenes, how we come up with ideas, the story telling behind each product, and the feedback we get from each of you, now with our new YouTube channel, More Pastel Days!. All these, makes THIS project, our shop, SO special.

My life motto? Do good, Be good, and good will come to you 🙂

The HeyMaca Shop SS 2020

In this new Spring Summer collection,  Lucile and I worked on a vivid, HAPPY, bright collection inspired in my hometown, Maracaibo (Venezuela) and Montreal, our home now. It was truly emotional (I haven’t been back to Maracaibo in 9 years now) putting together a moodboard and creative direction for Lucile, showing her all about our culture.

I was so inspired to see what Lucile would create and illustrate, adding her personal (and fascinating) French touch to our tropical essence, and everything that makes Venezuela SO special.

.. and OUI! we’ll grow our bestseller products as well: our city club collection!

Did I tell you she’s already an almost-latina, like me?


The HeyMaca Shop Spring Summer 2020

Our inspiration and moodboard

– Our colourful streets at Calle Carabobo (my favourite street at home, VERY cartagena style). 

– The colourful life of Carlos Cruz Diez’ Chromosaturation exposition. MAESTRO.

– Our fresh fruits: papayas, mangos, mamones, passion fruit, avocados, icacos, guanabana.

– Our magical flowers: orquideas, cayenas, calas, frailejones, flor de mayo.

– The massive wild life: colibris, guacamayos, tucanes!

– Colours and our people, like a cepilladero!


– ALL the colours and patterns! (this is an obvious point, am I right?) Pastels and Neons, here we go! (SO very excited to see this).

– A growing collection of our current best-selling products: Our Montreal Hidden Gems Map in many new products, new prints), and of course, NEW cities!

– Reproduce what worked best for us: Weekly PlannersNotebooksArt Prints and Enamel Pins (we are producing 6 new pins, OH MY GOD). 

– NEW products you’ll adore: Washi tape – YESSSSS! it was the number one demand! and we designed THREE patterns! – Keychains! (that we cannot wait to show you) – Sticker sheets – Bilingual stickers? MAIS OUI! and a very special collaboration with a local brand (that I can’t share just yet) with the most amazing Zero-Waste products.

                                                                                          WE – CAN’T – WAIT! 

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