Current Mood: Rattan Essentials, Amazon Haul!

I clearly remember my devotion to all things rattan while I was growing up in the 90’s (trust me, not so long ago). 

My mama was such a big rattan lover, because let’s be honest, we had it EVERYWHERE: our living room? rattan! , our dining table? of course rattan!,  our chairs? you betcha it was rattan and our kitchen accessories? we got some ol’ good rattan too! 

It was THE hot THING you needed to have.

A few years later, my FAVOURITE decor trend is finally back, and I’m screaming to the world: FINALLY! IT’S HERE! (even though my husband is a no-go with rattan), I’m never quitting.

I love it wholeheartedly. I do.

And I know now how much you love a good Amazon haul, so, this week we’re bringing you our rattan essentials!

Happy shopping, sweet friends!


What’s your favourite rattan piece? Are you loving this decor trend as well?

If you’re looking for even more treasures, my Babasouk friends are hands down the MVP in the rattan department.