Current mood: Start the New Year Like a Capricorn

New year: Start like a Capricorn

Happy Birthday month to me (and all my Capricorn friends!). 

I have to confess, yes, it’s true: Capricorns are workaholics, ambitious,  focused, stopping at nothing until the job is done.

Does this ring a bell, anyone?

There’s a new decade in the making (how crazy is this?) and, with the sun moving into Capricorn, this only means we need to start the new year like a Capricorn!

We all know how disciplined earth signs are, they know how to climb their way to the top, and they aren’t afraid of a hard journey, right? So here are many ideas for you to help you be your most productive self.

BANG, let’s do this!


Start the New Year Like a Capricorn

1. Poketo wall calendar – this is THE exact one that I recently installed in my desk area at the studio

2. Montreal Hidden Gems Art Print – you need a dose of inspiration to start the year 

3. Candles, Candles! – Absolutely can’t start my days without one

4. Pastel hair clips – one of my essentials!

5. Zodiac personalized necklace – recently bought mine, what about you?

6. Gradient double tipped pens – I mean, we all obviously need ’em 

7. Essential bluetooth earbuds – please and yes!

8. Matte latte tumblers – raise your hands my coffee mates

9. Hey Maca weekly planner – one of my fave items at our shop

Gift Ideas for a Capricorn

10. Assorted mini latte bowls – in black and white, such a classic 

11. Swivel desk chair – the absolute dream in this pistachio green

12. Square reading glasses – because I keep losing mine, all the time!

13. Floral clipfolio – how can you even resist? 

14. Hey Maca colourful postcard collection – send all your good wishes starting 2020

15. Floral binder clips – oh my heart.

16. Monogram mug – I got my “M” recently and I looooove it!

17. Rollerball pen – if you’re going to get one, this is THE one

18. Let’s do this notebook – SO Capricorn!