A New Colourful Office Decor: Our Desk Area!

Office Colorful Decor: All the tips

 Today was our first *official* working day and I felt we needed an update as soon as we stepped in: a new colourful office decor, our desk area! 

I have to confess, I missed coming to this little heaven so much, (even though we had a blast during our holiday break with Nico and Oli), I felt the urge to start planning our new year. 

Can I get an amen? (aaaaaamen)

After revealing our living room areathe workshop area, and our favourite studio accessories, I had to dedicate a tiny bit of time to finish where I spent most of my hours when I’m around: the desk.


Colourful Wall Calendar Decor

The ideas 

I had so many ideas in my mind: paint a mural (my death sentence in front of my landlord), a wallpaper (maybe I’ll do it eventually?), a gallery wall?… until I saw this EPIC rainbow wall calendar when I was in Los Angeles

I had a feeling this was the perfect solution!

 It’s incredible how cheerful a white office can change in a second when you add a splash of colour! trust me, instant happiness achieved!


How to Decorate a Small Space filled with colour

the colourful office decor

I’ve been a big fan of communal tables and the best way to organize your desk (guilty, I’m such a geek, duh!). Switching the desk in this L-shaped form helped to set the mood to a multi-purpose space where we can fit SO MANY THINGS we have!

Brainstorming sessions and infinite mood boards? 55,000 pencils, markers and pens we secretly adore to have? boxes of our washi tape obsession *no regrets*? design books, postcards, samples and stickers we need to survive between 9 to 5?

This gotta be the best change we’ve done so far to our office interior design!

I’ll be soon putting together all our cute desk accessories and organizers we-cant-live-without, so stay tuned!

A colurful Studio Decor

Did you start your first day back to work changing everything? So excited to hear from you! 

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