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Our Studio Reveal Series: Workshop Area!

Oh helloooo! I work here! (I keep repeating the same phrase every time I come into our studio)
This week, our studio reveal continues with our workshop area (the biggest area) and the happiest corner we’ve got.We are thrilled to partner with Structube on this makeover, showing you how to style an empty space with their epic collection. I think the key to interior design and styling spaces is the way you mix and match accessories, colour palettes, and bold accents (like our inspiration post here).

To guide you on each step we did since we got the studio, I thought a Q&A would be so much fun!

So, let’s grab our coffee (or tea) and enjoy this reveal.

What do we want to accomplish with the studio and workshop area

I’d say lots of things! 7 years ago when I started blogging, my dream was to create a lifestyle brand beyond just “Instagram”. I met my friend Joanna and we knew our goals were common, and when we felt we were ready, we said to each other: that’s it! we’re renting a studio! We found this unique loft and we felt it was the one since we stepped in for the first time. Our goals are endless, but to start, we wanted to work outside home and in a creative, joyful and colourful place where we could feel inspired writing, styling, shooting pictures and videos. As our blogs evolve into something else, our workshop area was created to:

  • Rentals: It’s been a few weeks since we are renting the space to different creators and last weekend, Lysa Jordan hosted her first workshop (she’s adorable) and Michelle Little is shooting beautiful family portraits as well.
  • Meet YOU: YES! and this only means, meet our community, support each other and have a real connection.
  • Organize branded workshops: Our first workshop is here, officially! A super cute, cinco de mayo celebration DIY atelier, showing you step-by-step how to do mini pinatas (SO cute!). All the event info is here.
  • Stop procrastinating: This is aaaaa thing, for real!

What does colour mean to you?

Raised in one of the most colourful cities in Venezuela, I grew up believing colour is not only the key to design and the way we live. Colour is the key to our happiness and joy! So yes, chromotherapy is the way I boost my mood (and closet, duh), seeing the world through tinted glasses, every single day.

What are your favourite pieces in the new workshop area?

Definitely the colourful chairs and our joyful shelves. We spotted the bunny chairs at Structube a while back and we were dreaming to have their pastel colours at the studio as soon as we started decorating. We got the shelves and workshop table at a studio sale a friend of ours did, both white and simple pieces, just perfect to add every single colourful accessory we had at home.

What do you love most about the new studio?

Seriously, everything. You open the door and get in every morning feeling “wow, this is such a pretty space to work at”. Having a bright space with colourful accents everywhere you look, is having a daily rainbow therapy!

How do you boost your creativity?

I think living a creative life is what really keeps me happy and motivated. Here are my top five:

  1. Traveling to unexpected places
  2. Spending at least one hour on Pinterest, daily
  3. Design magazines and books
  4. Visiting art exhibitions
  5. Shopping therapy from time to time (especially shoes)

Describe your personality in two words:

  • Joyful
  • Eclectic

What’s on your playlist as soon as you’re in the studio

I think the weekday music mood is SO different every day, but here are some of my studio faves:

  • Devendra Banhart
  • Jungle
  • Rhye
  • Poolside

Tell us about your to-do list for this week

SO-MANY-THINGS! and I dedicate my Sunday evenings to sit quietly and plan my week ahead. This week I have:

  • Styling and creating two moodboards for a client
  • Shoot a family picture with Nico and Oli (usually super fun)
  • Invoicing and accounting (not usually my favourite thing but wellll, this is the self-employed life)
  • Finish our studio website
  • Come up with real cool ideas and themes for the work
  • Curate my IG feed a zillion times
  • Try to go back to the gym

The best tip to stop being scared of colours when you decorate

Just start with tiny things. When I see spaces for the first time, I see a white canvas with endless possibilities, and maybe you could start buying big furniture pieces (a sofa, a rug, a table) in neutral tones, then adding pops of colour with accessories, chairs, tables, art and even appliances. You can do it!  Here are some tips for different spaces (like we did in the studio):

  • Living room: Pick a classic green couch like this one and add different pillows in coral, mustard and soft green. A black & white rug will finish balancing the colours.
  • Dining area: White table with colourful chairs will tone up a bit the contrast. If you’re still not sure about the mismatched chairs, you can select two colours only (white and mint, or white and pink)

How do you motivate yourself when you feel burned out?

Easy breezy: manicure, pedicure (win every time!), visit new coffee shops in Montreal (a total addiction), tidying up the studio and changing up our accessories (hello, shelfie obsession), texting my girlfriends (with a ton of gifs and emojis), writing content themes I want to create on the blog and getting new shoes (no shame in this game).

Your essentials in your studio fridge

First of all, we have a tiny fridge (that Olivia thinks it’s hers) and we’ll be working on a full kitchen reveal soon (including a decent, normal sized fridge). And for sure, here’s what we’ll always have in our fridge:

  • Lemons and limes
  • Sparkling water (in different flavours)
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Caesar mix (guilty)

And lastly, what’s the best advice you have ever received?

Always, know your numbers and your worth. Never underestimate your talent. Ever.

Workshop Source list

White workshop table – Thrifted // Colourful chairs – Structube // Macrame wall hanging – Babasouk // Handmade pom pom garland – Babasouk  // Moroccan embroidered pillows – Babasouk // White shelf unit – Ikea // Placemats with pom pom – Babasouk // Pinatas – Target, Michaels, DIY // Round baskets with pompoms – Babasouk // Basket tray – Babasouk  // Artificial potted plant – Structube // Utility cart – Ikea // Pink slice toaster – Smeg // Blender black & white – Vitamix // Ceramic pitcher – Structube //

Endless thanks to Structube, for partnering with us gifting the prettiest furniture. 

All opinions and answers expressed in this post are entirely mines.


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