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{Inside} Drafs & Crafts Closet

A new segment has arrived at the blog, hoooooraaayyyy!I’m just way too excited to introduce you to my favorite fashion gals and my daily inspiration in this blogging life. Drum rolls: we will have a sneak peak of their closets over here, I’m not even kidding you.Enjoy our very first week with Dani, a lifestyle blogger behind Drafts & Crafts 
This week: Dani Colding, lifestyle blogger living in JacksonvilleWhy Dani rocks: Dani is the ultimate DIY-dreamy-friend you have you think only exist on Pinterest. Her style is always on point and she’s one of the sweetest mamas I know. Did I mention her lovely Etsy shop? Check it out here

What is your favorite thing to wear? 

My favorite item of clothing to wear are dresses! Whether running errands or headed out for date night, you can find me most of the time wearing a casual dress. Stripes, solids, chambray, I do not discriminate! A casual dress is my idea of versatile because you can dress them up or dress them down. While on the go, you will find me with a baby boy on my hip and I am wearing flats or sneaks with a dress. Then for date night, you can dress up the look with your favorite booties.  

Pairs of shoes? 

This is a tough one since shoes are my weakness! I am a firm believer that you need a staple shoe for each season. Since it is fall, my staple shoe is low bootie. I am loving these black boots that I am rocking in my photos- they are super comfortable and fun! 

What are your favorite three pieces for fall?

A long sweater because I throw them on top of everything, gold flats because you can not go wrong with some shiny shoes, and my red Dior lipstick. Fun fact, Dior just relaunched their original matte red lipstick called, 999. 

What are your fav locations for your #ootd shots?

You can pretty much always find me in front of a white wall. My friends like to tease me because they can not believe how many white walls that I know of in our neighborhood. I love how clean white looks and how it does not take away from an outfit.

What do you want your closet say about you?

When looking at my closet, I hope to portray a feminine look, with a hint of chic and edgy! 

How do you transition your clothes from season to season? 

When I shop for new clothes, I keep two things in mind, an item will either transition into the next season or it won’t. Clothes that transition well are solids, stripes, and neutral colors. I love creams, grays, blues, white, and black since I believe they are great for each season. Clothes that do not transition as well are patterned and seasonable. For instance, I love me some deer items, yet I know they will only work for fall an winter. With that being said, I try to make sure the majority of items that I buy will transition me into the next season. 

Thanks Dani! Can we trade closets now? 


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  1. I love this new blog segment. Dani it's so fun to read about your style. Maca as always thank you for sharing!xoxoDanielleMomwifefoodie.com

  2. I love this new segment! Loving the feature on Dani, too! Her style is amazing. Can't wait for your next feature!

  3. I love this outfit! I would agree that my style is somewhere between feminine and edgy but, it also depends on how I'm feeling that day lol!xo Anna Elizabethwww.annaelizabethevents.com

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