Terrazzo Pastel Bench DIY

Is it me or everyone is pretty much obsessed with Terrazzo lately?I want EVERYTHING Terrazzo. Coasters, walls, tiles, glasses, and yes, my entire life.I visited Ikea recently trying to think about how I could optimize my teeny tiny dining area now that Oli is using a regular chair, as Nico.My only option was to add a bench the exact same size as our kitchen counter (about 40″). I found THE perfect one in solid birch that matches the wood details of our kitchen cabinets and the rest of the dining chairs.I had this Terrazzo idea for a while, so it’s time for a fabulous and extremely easy Ikea hack, friends!Let’s do it, a brand new Terrazo pastel bench.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Ikea Nooraker bench in natural birch
  • Pastel water-based paints (we picked turquoise, hot pink, light pink and baby yellow)
  • Painter’s tape 
  • Paintbrushes 
  • Paint sponges 
  • Recycled carton
  • Cutting mat
  • Exacto knife
  • An old toothbrush 

How To, Step-By-Step 


Start by selecting your colour palette. we picked three main ones: turquoise, pink and yellow with medium and light shades of each one.


Using a piece of a recycled carton, we drew and designed our “Terrazzo” stencil. Try to do uneven shapes (tiny, small, medium), cut them with a cutting mat and an exacto knife. We did 4 different variations for this bench.


Add the base paint (we picked a light turquoise) and did an extra coat to be sure it was as even as possible. As soon as we base was dry, we used sandpaper to correct any imperfections (trust me, it’s totally worth it).


Using your carton stencils, place them in the middle of the bench and start painting with your brushes the different Terrazzo shapes. Alternate the colours between them and add paint splashes using the paint sponge. After you fill the entire surface, spray paint with your old toothbrush. This will help create that rough look we are looking to achieve.

Our inspiration? One of our HeyMaca shop designs (more on that so sooon!) thanks to Lucile!
aaaaaand voila, friends! Our new pastel bench.
It only took us one hour and a half to complete everything, high five.
I’m just SO in love. SO.
And so is Oli. 

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