Sweet Saturday

Did you say really good doughnuts? I’m there!
I’ve been reading a lot of this tiny little gem in Little Italy and I wanted to go a long long time ago.
Trou de Beigne recently opened a tiny *cutest* little spot with the coolest interior design, where you can sit briefly with a small group.
Their artisan doughnuts are beyond amazing and fresh.
Of course, Nico went nuts when he saw all the flavours and he went for the Blizzard one (Oreo cookies and white chocolate) 
I tried their classic and green tea options. Yummm!
OMG these two! 

and of course, she napped the entire time.

Trou de Beigne

156 Rue St-Zotique Est, Montreal

Tuesdays to Sunday from 9h to 5pm
Kids friendly: Of course! but they don’t have a restroom or changing tables. it’s a “to-go” spot you can visit with your little ones.