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Celebrating a Scrumptious Mother’s Day at Taverne Gaspar

Mother’s day is around the corner and I needed a well-deserved break with my favorite mom gang this week, a girls night out with a very special menu for each of us.During the course of the night, we started talking all things motherhood, I mean, just picture this: a group of 7 ladies as an entrepreneur, fashion buyer, marketing specialist, PR manager, DJ, sales rep, social media expert and all of us, full-time mamas.We agreed we’re overly exhausted, learning the art of eating cold leftovers, putting that laundry load again for the 2nd time, having our new happy hours at a grocery store instead of a cute trendy bar, looking around our messy house over and over again, but regardless of all this, and that for real motherhood isn’t that glam at all, We all have the biggest blessings right by our side. There are tiny cheeks to be kissed every night, tiny hands to be held when we go out, little ones we have to protect, enjoy the sweetest laughter from the silliest jokes, and admire the innocence about what this world is really about. My heart simply burst because I know one day, closer than I think, they’ll be able to accomplish everything they dream about. We need to celebrate this, big time, right? 

Taverne Gaspar made our celebration memorable with a very special Mother’s day menu, curated by the chef Jean-Philippe Tees, only available on May 14th. 

I’m sure you’ll ask me, what we had, what’s the menu about and when can you go, right? 
Here are all the details for you, my lovely and special mama:
Here’s what we ordered:
Beet salad
Main courses
Lentil Curry with a side of green salad
Braised Lamb with yogurt, chef’s salad, and grilled cucumbers 
Duck breast marinated in beer and maple syrup
Strawberry shortcake
Chocolate explosion
You can’t miss out the warm ambiance of this place, the special and careful service from Taverne Gaspar’s team and especially their scrumptious drinks, all in a classic Old Montreal setting.  

You know that Bloody Mary/Ceasar fever I have lately?If you’re into it as well, don’t leave without having one.I’m THAT serious.

We celebrated our latest project, The Daily Mommy. Wait for more details about it in an upcoming post (:
Taverne Gaspar
89 Rue de la Commune Est
Dinner 5pm to 11pm

Reservations: Feel free to reserve over the phone or using Opentable here
Price range: $$
Kids Friendly: totally! we had a very special little lady with us that night. Our server was incredibly sweet and helpful. Bathroom is big enough in case you need to change a diaper. I didn’t see any high chairs around.Mother’s Day Special Menu: Three-course menu for $50.

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  1. Maca- all that food both looked and sounded delicious! What a special mother's day!!!! xo Daniwww.draftsandcrafts.net

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