Ode To Life: To All My Valentines

We celebrated Vday last weekend with my three valentines, going to a super fun bowling night with friends, and after a few hours there, I thought it was about time that I go back to my regular programming and do an Ode to Life, this time dedicated to all my valentines. 

Wishing you the sweetest month of the year,

Dear Galentines,Thank you for never taking away the last sip of our Bloody Caesars and for all the love.Dear Husband of mine,I heart you, when you are cranky some mornings and when we share the most precious moments together. Thank you for being the best Valentine.Dear green juices every morning,You made me love mornings, and trust me, I hated them with all my heart.Dear Hollandaise sauce that I finally cooked last week,HOW come you are pure butter? I cry.Dear Fiddle leaf-fig tree,Bare with me my friend, I swear winter is almost over.
Dear Zara sales madness,Please stop this. My credit line is calling me right now.Dear Spring that I can’t wait to see,I’m so going to soak up every minute of it, and I can’t wait to have you here alreadyDear Instant Pot I just discovered,OMG goodness gracious!!!!! you are the real future.Dear heartburn,How come you are back bro? NO.Dear Yoga,I’m such a newbie and I know I suck big time. I promise I’ll work hard k?Dear cheese,Please tell life I can’t be lactose intolerant, cuz I can’t survive without you.

Dear Quebec City,I adored spending a day in your beautiful Ice Hotel. Who am I kidding? Of course I couldn’t sleep there.Dear weight watchers,Let’s see how long I can do this. At least, I can live off corn and fruits. #kiddingDear Mexican floors,Please move to Montreal?Dear artic temperatures,You guys are CRUEL. Yes, it’s not even funny.Dear Jen Gotch,Can we meet in real life, sip some bulletproof coffee and be merry? I swear we can be besties.Dear Olivia,I adore how bossy you’ve become with all of us and how you’re so little and such a boss. GIRL POWER my baby girl, shine bright!

We visited Bowling G Plus920 Rue St-Zotique Est(Ultra kids friendly)