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DIY Latte Heart

HAPPY VALENTINE’S MONTH!I was serious about bringing you all the love over here, and I’m sure you’ll adore making these latte hearts all-month-long. 
I’m also stoked to announce (please pinch me) our new video series of simple, cute and unbelievable easy DIY projects with Babasouk, my forever girl crush! 
Endless thanks to Camille our stylist and magician for making this, THE prettiest start! 

Enjoy and always remember to spread the love, one latte at a time


1 – Make your Espresso + Froth your milk.

2 – Swirl your milk around + tap the jug a few times.

3 – Pour steamed milk on the far end of the cup + swirl

4 – Make a straight line movement to finish your heart shape.

Ps. you can shop Babasouk’s Morrocan mugs here and here

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