Quebec City, Je T’aime

On a cold Thursday morning, me and a group of lovely Montreal bloggers met in the train station with a coffee on hand, all pretty darn excited to share a day together in Quebec City. This trip was hosted and organized by L’oreal, and it was a full surprise to all the attendees because we basically had no clue who was the latest brand acquisition of the company and it was our turn to make a formal meet and greet to this mysterious brand.
Every single detail was absolutely on point. A lovely invite, personalized gifts in the room (oh hello new mint polaroid camera), a super fun itinerary full of winter activities and a phenomenal company, sharing 48 hours of pure fun.
We started our day meeting a dermatologist in a 1on1 session where they explained and measured how dry/dehydrated were our body and face. After this test (that I had no clue it existed) we tested the new brand in a full facial treatment and a relaxed session in the stunning aroma spa
We met at lunchtime and voila! finally, after lots of guesses, CeraVe was introduced to us as the newest brand of L’Oreal. 
This brand has been developed with dermatologists and to my surprise, it’s the first brand that contains all the essential ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol our skin needs to be entirely healthy. Personally, I couldn’t wait to arrive home and try their new baby line with Nico and Oli (and it was a total success). 
Curious to try them as well? They have a full line of products including cleansers, moisturizers, baby shampoo, AM and PM lotions, eye creams, serums, renewing creams and more. Check all of them here.
I was stoked to try the Ice Hotel for the first time, I mean, this stunning hotel is entirely built of snow and ice, I’m not kidding. Inside the hotel, there are bars, hot tubs, sauna and 45 theme rooms some even with fireplaces you can enjoy for a few hours before going to sleep. Just before we set up our night, a training is offered by Valcartier hotels to guide us step by step how your night will be on sub-zero temperatures.After a few minutes listening to this, I legit chickened out. Not feeling my face if it’s too cold? or listening only to my heartbeat because it’s extremely quiet? I ran to my “traditional room” and had the best sleep (no kids around) in years.Endless activities were offered and I adored this so much! The hotel has more than 35 snow slides for both kids and adults, a gigantic Indoor waterpark with wave pools, more than 14 slides, a double surf wave and more and a stunning spa with indoor and outdoor pools and personalized body treatments I had the pleasure to experience. 
I mean, this was absolutely Gorg!

We are so social, lols.

Don’t even ask me how I landed (or levitated) on that table, ok?
YES. total yummm.
Endless thanks to CeraVe, this press trip was unbelievably fun!Photography: Alexa Cude