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What’s Trendy in Montreal: McKiernan Luncheonette

A year ago, when we moved out from our little condo in St-Henri, I knew I was going to experience a major FOMO being so close to all my favourite coffee shops, local restaurants and all the brunch I have on a regular weekly basis because you know, foodie life over here.When I heard the BIG news the dream team of Joe Beef and Maison Publique were joining forces opening a new spot FOUR minutes away from home, I felt I won a lotto ticket, without any doubt.Mckiernan Luncheonette is officially here and opened it’s doors to change the vibe of Ville Emard/Cote St-Paul in Montreal, bringing a daily fresh menu that serves breakfast items all day (jackpot), roasted chicken (extra win) and a delicious bloody caesars you guys need to try, ASAP.
Did I mention it is really really good? 
because trust me, it is.
The beauty of this place beside the bright 7,000sqft resto area, it’s the very Canadian vibes which makes it even dreamier. They’ll host special events and caterings during the weekends, and maybe pop-up foodie experiences in the near future, I mean, THE dream!The menu is very casual, for lunch, you can have salads, chicken, lots of pork, grilled cheese, clam chowder, and a few more options.My go-to every time I go? The breakfast special.Just do it. 
The beautiful space, and picnic setup, very Biergarten style, which I loved.I saw a few kids in my first visit, and I was so happy to know I could bring my little ones as well.

Nota bene: BEST cappuccino I had in years. 
2nd Nota bene: I’m actually really proud of these pictures. I might have mastered how to shoot my life in manual, and in my new 24-70mm lens.
Endless thanks to you, McKiernan, for feeding us with really good food.Signed by: the world
McKiernan Luncheonette5524 Rue St-Patrick, Unit 200M – F 8am to 3pmReservations: Honestly, I don’t think you’ll need one even if you’re a big group of people. They are quite busy at noon, just try to arrive a bit earlier.Price range: $Kids friendly: Absolutely friendly! They don’t have changing tables in case you need one.

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