Current Mood: All The Baba Treasures

Just to say Babasouk is our fave online shop is an understatement. 
Our love is REAL! 
Baba is one of those places you simply can’t have just one, or two things, you’ll just need the entire shop right at home. 
This week, our current mood is inspired in all the baba treasures, some of them I scored and adore, some others I need STAT. 
Want to fill your life with everything Babasouk? RUN and use my code HEYMACA and get 15% off on everything, yes, EVERYTHING!

Happy shopping, my lovely friends!

01. Pink Basket02. Pastel Moroccan Rug03. Round Baskets with Pompoms 04. Wicker Basket 05. Pink Embroidered Pillows06. Gold Storage Baskets07. Wool Basket for Plants

08. Pink Moroccan Pouf09. Neon Plant Print
10. Coral Macrame Banner11. Baby Colorful Rug12. Small Macrame Hanging