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Ode To Life: Strawberry Picking Edition!

Last weekend we went Strawberry picking for the first time (we’ve gone blueberry, raspberry, pumpkin, and even Christmas tree picking) and this one was one of our favorite activities so far.While I was picking them, I ate around 20000 strawberries with Nico and Oli, so I pretty much achieved the record of fastest strawberry mama eater of Montreal, without a doubt.Celebrating this lovely day, I got inspired in a special Ode to life, this time with a Strawberry picking edition (:

Dear Toaster Oven,
Thank you for existing. Sorry microwave, I completely cheated on you and I’m not even sorry.
Dear Summer in Montréal,
Bro, seriously? Where are the glorious hot days you promised? We miss you. 
Dear bangs,
Keeping you on point is a real struggle.
Dear Zara sales,
Please stop. My bank account can’t handle this anymore. 
Dear Pink flamingo house,
Yes, I’m the one stalking it everyday, hoping I can afford you one day. 

Dear friends of mine,
Thank you for being so wonderful, I heart each of you, deeply.

Dear Esteban,
I can’t wait to have a date night with you.Dear Tulum,I can’t believe we’ll finally meet in only 4 months. Please be patient with me, cuz I’ll cry in every corner.Dear In the waiting line song,Hope you don’t mind that I’ll keep repeating you, again and yes again.Dear Google Home,Where have you been all my life?

Dear new bando agenda,even though I’m supposed to start using you next month, I couldn’t resist and decided August is now. You are too damn cute.Dear construction in my city,GTFO.Dear Facebook,After every-single-IG-post: No, I’m not sponsoring every post. Please, be nice and show our cute grid to our beloved followers, don’t be rude dude.Dear diet,I need you. now. 

Dear hair color,I honestly don’t know what to do with you anymore.Dear Oli,Thank you for learning how to kiss me in the mornings, I can’t.Dear Strawberries,I promise I’ll pick you every season, and next time, I’ll bring guests with me.Dear new LOV location,You know you’ll empty my bank account soon, right?Dear readers,Thank you. Gracias. Merci. 

Dear Vans,OH, MY GOD, these unicorns kicks! OMG!Dear fellow bloggers,We should all be a real community, I simply don’t get the jealousy in such a small group of people. We should all be in this together, we each have a voice, a style and a different audience. it’s all about collaboration and not competition, forever.Dear new GoPro,oh hello there (;Dear Wayhome,I can’t wait! Our first camping and music fest together, couldn’t ask for more this summer. 

Dear JCrew,Do you run credit lines? If so, I’d love to mail you my application.Dear Gap,Should you wish to hire any extra talents, I have two little ones available for you.Dear Instagram Algorithm,No.Dear Gluten free bread,You are my true love. true.

Strawberry picking location: Quinn Farm

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  1. We love strawberry picking too! Can you take us to this one when we're in your hood? All the heart eyes???

  2. I used to take my kids to pick strawberries, it was both fun and exhausting! I enjoyed reading your Ode to Life!

  3. Funny and beautiful and all too true! Love this! (Found you through Alt 😉 )

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