#Heymacahome Update: Our New Living Room!

Eeeeeeeeek! It’s here you guys! 62 days have passed since we bought our new house, our very dreamed one, and we are beyond excited to begin showing you (FINALLY) more photos of our space now, triple yay!A lot of you have asked about this project and where on earth did we find this house, (I know, I still can’t believe it) so now it’s time for a little backstory about it, ready? 
We sold our condo a few months ago and started looking to buy a new house near our old neighbourhood. Little did we know gentrification arrived quickly to Saint-Henri (a hip area of Montreal, near downtown), and single homes for sale were an impossible treasure to find or to afford. Esteban and I didn’t want to come back to a condo again, so we opened our options a bit more and started exploring other areas always in the Sud-Ouest.After months of intense visits for almost three months, we discovered the most omg tear down that house down right away options, to 1900’s century heaven houses we couldn’t afford, to this perfect tiny modern home we bought. The moment we came in, I KNEW it had to be ours (cheesy enough, right) but absolutely true. Esteban and I have been very design-ish so you all can imagine our reaction when we saw matte concrete heated floors, black and white tiles all over (legit, all over), natural light coming from every single corner and a split-level distribution that is so unique, we almost fainted, true story.The mastermind behind this incredible project? Marie-Jeanne Rivard, a TV star host of Flip de Fille, and an incredibly talented girl that buys, plans, flips and designs houses in Montreal that is changing lives, like ours. I’ll be forever thankful that we were able to find her (she’s pure magic), that we are still close to downtown in our favourite neighbourhood and that we are making this home of ours our little one for our family.So, our first goal? set this space ours, find the cutest decor and accents and bring our friends in to celebrate! Keep reading, you’ll find lots of info where did we get our colourful picks, like the main star of our living room, the 3 seater sofa Tory from Structube.

The house itself isn’t gigantic and our living space is pretty small, so I wanted to be sure to find one piece I fell completely in love with, like our Tory Sofa in light green, so kids friendly because they need to enjoy it as well, right?. This model suited so perfectly our modern interior, with it’s mid-century modern design, and let me tell you this: it’s LiveSmart fabric meaning that it is 98% polyester and 2% nylon is moisture-repellent, heavy-duty and yes, stain-resistant (trust me, it already happened twice, lol and bam, like brand new).Thank you immensely to Structube, we truly love you! 
What do you see in here? This is our view from our kitchen and dining area and our tiny but super cozy backyard (:What do we love most about it?All the colourful accents, like our Moroccan rug and velvet pillows.
I’ll be eating these for lunch, okay?

Oh, MY heart!!!! Oli making herself at home, you lady boss!
This almost 5-year-old boy learns how to “dab” because you know, he’s hip as that.
Dear Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: Please stay with us and keep growing, I promise I’ll hug you every morning okay?

We’ll be back with our next home tour soon, and a version 2.0 of our living room so stay tuned!Thank you Structube, for partnering with us and making the most comfortable sofa on earth.Our Living room essentials, where we shop and what we love:Tory Sofa, light green – StructubeVases and planters – StructubeVelvet Pillows – ZaxeMoroccan and dreamy rug – BabasoukEames chair – Vintage store near Amherst StreetCoffee table – Ikea

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