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Our Official Home Tour is Here: Taaaadaaaa!

I know, I know, it took me 11 months and a half to do a decent, staged and cute photoshoot because mom life you know right?Our official home tour is here and I’m all over the moon to finally show you all the details, the struggle, and love we put behind every corner of this house. Even though we didn’t design it, I feel we kinda did.  Life has this weird thing, and it might sound cliche, but things are totally meant to be for each of us and our paths are written, somewhere, maybe on a rainbow (at least that’s my hope).Last week, our home was featured on Apartment Therapy, and yes, I still can’t believe it, and yes, I’m still screaming! In case you didn’t have time, I’ll share here today our  Apartment Therapy survey and all the jazz you missed.

My Style: A total mix of bohemian, eclectic and modern.

Inspiration: After traveling quite a bit, we were dreaming of finding a house with tons of tile work, colorful touches, and lots of natural light. After a few months searching for endless options in Montreal, we found THE one.

Favorite Element: Having a small space but so well designed. For example, we have a laundry room and a huge kitchen cabinet. Also, our kids’ room is a two-in-one area with a 13-foot high mezzanine; so optimized!

Favorite room? Of course, I have to say the kitchen. Our black and white backsplash is the heart of our house. You can see it from the patio and every room, making it so special and different.

If you could magically change something about your home, what would it be? Nothing! We would maybe add an additional level to make a playroom, for sure.

Biggest embarrassment: Well, it’s been 11 months and we still have boxes and unfinished rooms to do, oh my god.

What friends say: As soon as they come in, they just say: “This is SO Maca!”

Biggest Challenge: Trying to fit so many shoes (in my case) and so many toys (my kids) in two small closets.

Proudest DIY: So far we are planning what to do in our small backyard, so we’ll share a future DIY soon, hopefully!

Biggest Indulgence: We actually had to change all of our furniture when we moved in because everything was gigantic. So this time around, we picked select pieces that could fit the style and size of our new home.

Best Advice: If you are searching for a new home like us, just wait. I swear you’ll find the right one, sooner than later.


Sofa — Structube
Gold chair — CB2
Black chair — ZONE
Gold pouf — Babasouk
Handmade rug — BabasoukMoroccan cushions — Babasouk
Basket tray — Babasouk
Art print — Babasouk
Peace art print — Babasouk
Large pink cable knitted throw — Etsy Multi-color pompom basket — Babasouk


Dinette table — EQ3
Eames white and teal chairs — Vintage store in Montreal
Wire side white and black chairs — Wazo
Yellow tray table — IKEA


KitchenAid black stainless steel line
Colorful bowls — Anthropologie
Baby Pink Moroccan rug — Babasouk
Storage bowls with lid — Structube
Handmade desert baskets — Babasouk


Pastel rug — BabasoukPink coffee table — Bouclair
Rattan mirror — Babasouk
Moroccan pink pillows — Babasouk
Heart screenprint — Babasouk
White dresser — IKEA
Storage basket — Babasouk


Kitten bed — SourisMini
Metal storage basket — SourisMini
Colorful pompom basket — SourisMini
Black heart rug — SourisMiniUtility cart — IKEA
Colorful garland — SourisMiniHeart-shaped pillow — SourisMini


Baby handmade Moroccan rug — Babasouk
Large silver towel basket — Babasouk

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