Travelling Soon? Here are the 4 New YULExperiences You’ll Adore to Try!

Montréal, my home the past 9 years has been such a treat, and one of my 2018 personal goals was to travel more, to see new destinations, and without a doubt, visit the Montréal-Trudeau Airport was a must that it actually feels like home now.
I’m not sure about you, but hitting the airport is just too exciting, it’s the feels of starting a new adventure right at home and even though some periods are crazy busy (hello to about 55,000 travellers a day during the holiday season), I’m always the first one arriving way in advance with several hours to spare solo or with my family.This month, I had the absolute pleasure to partner with the Montréal-Trudeau Airport to show each of you that the best way to kick off your next trip starts right at home.


Before leaving to your next adventure, did you know there are more than 45 restaurants at the Montreal Airport to suit so many tastes? I tried some of them, and as a witness, you’ll only find options that are freshly prepared daily and a wide selection of food experiences that will charm you, from casual spots with comfort food, snacks and fast meals if that’s what you’re looking for, healthy options and well-known menus from Montreal chefs.

Our two must-spots

L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel Fine-dining never looked better and L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel curated a top-notch menu created by Chef Sher Findlay, making this place my number one fave. I usually visit them for breakfast, treating myself with a french toast or eggs benedict. The ambience is a treat to the traveller experience, with a modern and spacious area with tons of natural light to enjoy before you jump on your next flight (and yes, you can even watch airplanes take off from here)
Archibald, Microbrewery 
A classic in Montreal, and every time I want to feel cozy, craving for all the comfort food, this is THE place. If you know me, you know how much I love good food and good drinks, am I right? During my last visit to Archibald, I adored (coming back for more next month) their shrimp and bacon tacos, served on soft tortillas with crispy shrimps, corn salad, bacon, pickles, lettuce, veggies, sour cream, and fries. Trust me on this one and try them next time, they are too good to describe in words.


Flying to a dreamy destination is quite exciting, but shopping duty-free with the best selection? SCORE! I confess I love to shop (don’t call my husband just yet), and part of my traveling journey includes some shopping before jumping on my next flight. How can you say no to makeup, treats, sunnies at the best price? not me, that’s for sure. 

During our YULExperience, we discovered so many things we didn’t know! You can get your makeup done at any beauty counter before you leave the airport, and I selected MAC and some ultra bold lippies. Also, YUL Trudeau and The Loop Duty-Free carries an exclusive line of top-quality Irish Gin that is super tasty and a perfect fit for the most refined palate. 

Have some free time before your flight? Here are my recommendations: 

– Get a massage at Balnea Spa Voyage. They offer beauty treatments, mani, pedis and even body treatments. 

– On your next trip, you can try a VIP lounge and enjoy free drinks, snacks, wines, wifi and alll the perks you deserve. All the info, here

– Try the Air Transat indoor playground if you’re traveling with little globetrotters, our number one spot as soon as we finish eating!

– Spoil yourself and your loved one visiting one of the many shops as Lole, Hatley, Bizou, Tristan, and so many more. 


About a month ago, I saw a few cute dog squad roaming around the airport with volunteers and little did I know it was the newest entertaining experience available at the Montréal-Trudeau Airport. The YUL pet squad goal? Reduce stress, increase happiness with the most candid animals before taking off. You’ll spot them at both international and domestic terminals and I’ve seen the excitement of so many people as soon as they see the canine squad passing by. 

Aren’t dog hugs the best stress-free therapy? 


Last but definitely not least, one of the most unexpected experiences you’ll see while you wait at the gate, is an actual live band, entertaining you and your flying mates before your departure. YULConcerts launched in November 2017 and today, it’s 4th edition made an epic scene with Florence K, preceded by Coeur de Pirate, Alex Nevsky and more. 

I think there’s nothing dreamier than music and traveling, and when your home airport reflects how Montreal is such an artsy, creative, vibrant and phenomenal city, you can’t be any prouder of experiencing all this, by myself.

So now, it’s your turn! What’s your favourite experience you’d love to try?

This post has been sponsored by Montréal-Trudeau Airport.
All opinions expressed in here are entirely mine.