Getting Ready for My First Preschooler At Home

How on earth I already have a preschooler at home? Time is just flying by so fast that I’m not even realizing my mom life has passed without a break. Nico will be attending pre-k officially next year and I have all the feels, all of them already. Honestly, I’m that kind of person that gets used to people so easily, and our daycare the past 5 years has been nothing but a blessing to our little family, so this change will be one of the biggest we’ll have to face together, besides the fact that your first baby, it’s not a baby anymore.In the midst of all the emotions, I’m working on a weekly plan with my boy, making the transition from daycare to kindergarten smooth, cute and fun.Hope this helps for each of you too, mamas!
Our evening routineFrom Monday to Friday, Nico and Oli go to daycare full time and as soon as I run to pick them up I hold those little hands and we go home, hug, and think what to do for supper together. Teaching them a routine is essential for us, not too strict, not too easy-going. I think the best strategy is to show them little responsibilities at home, Nico champions to set up the table, bring those leftovers (if any) as soon as he finishes eating back to the sink and wash his hands right after. School years are all about discipline and I want them to understand you can have fun and enjoy while learning. My little Star Wars fan always picks up books to read before night time, followed by a kiss and a sweet good night.Never forget to high-five them, to tell them tomorrow will be a great day waiting for lots of adventures!
Our playtime togetherJust get outdoors, no matter the season, no matter the heat or cold. creative thinking happens when you develop curiosity, and nothing better than doing it outdoors. Nico is the ultimate snail hunter, bringing tons at home and building them little forts your heart could melt. Teaching him all about nature, animals and to actually care about plants has made him a sweet little guy. Playing and learning outdoors will also help to develop the right stimulation, active and healthy kids and aware there’s a ton of things to love.Yay to magic forts!
Our Techy Time I think I’m the only mama left around here with a 4 year old and no iPad at home. Nico is the number one techy kid that can use my laptop, our gaming console, cellphones and ipod like a real pro. For us, technology is an essential tool with the right moderation nowadays for learning (and yes I totally see my boy coding at the age of 10). Little did I know that LeapFrog Academy offers an online guided learning program designed for preschoolers, teaching them a wide variety of subjects, like Math, Reading, Science, Creativity and lots more. What’s rad about this, is that LeapFrog adapted new content based on their learning level, clever right?
I’m sure you want to try this, and LeapFrog Academy comes preloaded on the new LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition (we loved our pink and black one) with a free 3-month trial, and $7.99/month afterwards, win win!

Psst Psst: The LeapFrog Epic™ – Academy Edition tablet is available at Toys R Us, Amazon, and Walmart

Are you training your little ones for preschool as well? Would love to know all about it!Disclosure: Thank you LeapFrog Canada for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


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  2. Michelle @
    September 20, 2017 / 12:54 am

    Awww too cute! And we loved Leapfrog when mine were little. My 8 year old still pulls out her leappad from time to time :)XO