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Our Mama Daughter Date in Toronto & Montreal

For the first time since I had Oli, we had a mama-daughter date to two trendy spots in both Toronto and Montreal recently to say HELLO to 2019!Raised in a girls-only family (I have a sister that I adore) my dream was to have my own baby girl to start our little tradition of cute dates.In 18 days, Oli will turn 3 (I still can’t believe this part) and the past six months I feel she has become such an independent, funny girl boss that is the spirit of this house. Every time I say, so I’m going out! She runs to me, grabs her coat and tags along, like mom, like daughter!We visited Toronto for New Years and tried the hot spot of the moment, Chubbys Jamaican Kitchen, home of all the Jamaican classics like patties, curry chicken and goat, saltfish fritters, jerk chicken and all the fried plantain, my magic words when it comes to food.
The menu has everything you need if you are in the mood for fish, beef or chicken and we loved to order a few appetizers to share different things.Check the menu here in advance, everything’s so delicious and fresh! 
Fave pic, ever!

The famous patties, mini-sized!They come in spicy beef, curry turkey, coconut greens and pepper shrimps. 

Chubbys Jamaican Kitchen104 Portland St, TorontoOpen daily from 11:30AM to 10PMPrice range: $$Reservations: online hereKids Friendly: Absolutely!!! No changing tables available but a lovely staff to help you with your kids.  
Our Montreal date was at the newest LOV, at Laval Centropolis.I blogged a lot of details a few times on the blog, here and in our essential guide to the best places here.This is a spot I can repeat every month if I could, and introducing local, vegetarian food with plenty of greens is my number one resolution with my kids this year, teaching them to eat since little tons of options. Believe me, Oli already loves salads, broccoli, carrots and she’s definitely a foodie in the making! 
This new location kept the same design aesthetic of downtown and Old Montreal, with communal tables, hanging chairs, tropical leaf accents, and oversized ceiling lamps.We tried quinoa fritters, sweet potato fries, onion rings, and the coconut curry.Here are the evening and lunch menu, for all locations, high five!

I’m just so excited thinking of the future mani-pedi dates, spa days and all the girly things we’ll do together, my little baby girl!
LOV Centropolis 140 Promenade du Centropolis, LavalThu to Mon from 10:30AM to 10PMPrice range: $$Reservations: by phone for large groupsKids Friendly: 100%! this location is spacious and perfect if you need to bring strollers with you. 

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