A New Kitchen Era You Need to Be Part Of

I remember when I was a kid, me and my sister used to watch TV shows about “the future” oh hello! The Jetsons! where smart homes were the norm, including a ton of smart devices, and don’t we ALL agree Rosie the robotic maid was the best, right? I can’t believe that only a few years after, I’m kinda living this era. The era of connectivity and the era of simplifying our day-to-day is here to stay (and only grow a bit more).I’m sure you remember that a few days ago, we visited Thermador’s headquarters in Montreal, attending the biggest launch in the brand’s history, with two newly redesigned collections and Home Connect™ a system that will bring a new way of interacting with our appliances and our kitchen experience. Controlling your fridge using your phone? Pairing your smart lights with your appliances? Turning on and of your oven?Friends, the future is here.And it will be a fun ride!

Let’s start with: tell me everything about Thermador 

This brand (let’s say the Ferrari of appliances) has been around for over 100 years, with an extensive product line that includes built-in coffee machines, cooktops, dishwashers, ovens and ranges. On top of that, the appliances have an impeccably sleek design and customizable options, at the moment of kitchen planning. What I loved about them is the team behind the brand, elevating the experience of buying an appliance to a whole next level through their connected experience on Home Connect™, offering clients access to remote diagnostics and immediate product assistance, say bye to those days of endless waiting time at home.Did I mention top-notch quality? 

So, let’s talk about Home Connect 

Thermador developed an exclusive app available on Android, Iphone and tablets that allows you to remotely monitor and control all your appliances. This feature will let you personalize and control how you use your fridge, oven, dishwasher on a daily basis, and things like, preheating your oven away from home, creating a fresh cup of coffee, knowing when your dish cycle ends, this app will be your number one helper at home.On top of controlling your devices, the app included content, a bunch of recipes with step-by-step instructions (even seasonal ones) and always surprising us with new culinary inspirations, making our kitchen days the best ones! 
Home Connect also allows us to connect to the Internet of Things including the Google Assistant, IFTTT, Nest and a few more. 
Are you convinced yet? 

New Product Features, This is the kitchen era we all need.

DishwasherThermador included some fun features to their new line, including the easy start function that will let your Home Connect app control your cycle. Also, the remote start, diagnostics, control program settings and the most impressive one, the auto-replenishment of detergent, reordering your favourite detergent with Amazon, and delivered to your door.Wall ovenYou can remote start and preheat your oven from your work or from the grocery store, receive notifications when the timer has completed its time, remotely set temperatures according to the recipe instructions in the app (WHAT!) and report diagnostics if you need help.CooktopWith this new line, we can communicate cooktop and hood, synchronize turning on and off, including lights and ventilation.RefrigerationSet up your wine to a perfect temperature from anywhere, control your fridge settings, and if you left the door open, you bet you’ll get a notification.

See what I mean with impeccable design? We all need this!
My face after the tour, pretty much convincing my husband why we need everything Thermador at home.RIGHT?
We had the yummiest dinner while we saw all the features I explained in action. 

Endless thanks to Thermador for sponsoring this post and for the lovely soiree.All opinions, pictures, and experience are entirely mine.