This is THE Cocktail You’ll Love To Serve At Thanksgiving (in The Cutest Colourful Tablescape)

Fall is officially here and so is entertaining, everything pumpkins, all the cozy sweaters (yay to sweater weather!) and along thanksgiving day, where I get excited the most planning a cute menu, THE perfect cocktail recipe, and the cutest color blocked tablescape that my friends would love.This week, my homie Kris from Motherhood in Stilettos aka the dream stylist friend you have in your life and this mama over here planned the prettiest, Insta-worthy thanksgiving event in partnership with Homesense to celebrate with the yummiest food (you obviously saw this coming) and celebrate friendship with this sweet friend of mine.Special holidays like thanksgiving give me all the feels, and there’s one thing for sure I’m thankful for, girlfriends that understand your double chin, that you can count  on them those days when your hips aren’t lying, and that get your love for all the cute little things, every – single – day.
THIS pretty cocktail was the main star of the night, but we’ll talk about all the details soon, very soon!
Excuse me, but feeling festive is my number one favorite thing ever and if you add to that good food, great music, and chic girly touches, you can bet my day was pretty much perfection. When it comes to entertaining at home, Kris and I are both committed to an easy, (bye Turkey!), relaxed (welcome home, cute potluck) and budget-friendly celebration and part of my mandate was to bring some good ol’ jokes (insert all the mama jokes here) and to create the most adorable self-serve signature cocktail for our special night.I know each of you are dying to check our menu, so run now my homies, to Kris’ blog here and spoil yourselves with our ultra-yumminess, hereWe all know how trendy bar carts are in the home decor world and there’s an art behind how we style them, including key pieces that will help you have a sweat-free night with your friends, so check below my essential list of the most important items you need to use in your very own cart.
H O W   T O   S E T   U P   Y O U R   B A R   C A R THere are all the essentials you’ll need to set up your dreamy bar cart, and a super handy list you can keep anytime and lucky me, I found all these beautiful items in one single spot, Homesense. You all know I’m a dork fan of everything they have, so my trip there to select these pieces was heaven.- Signature glasses: We opted a for a rose gold colorful set that was the perfect statement glass for our gold cart. The best part? We found them at $3.99 each.- Paper straws: Always colorful and bold so they can fit the design scheme you planned.- Champagne glasses and Wine glasses: We had both handy and as they say, the more the merrier right?- Coasters: and I mean, really CUTE coasters. Our major find was a marble, flower shaped, white coaster set we both loved, and just for $9.99.- Towel: Have one handy, just in case you know, a broken glass or too many cocktails caused a major mess.- Alcohol: Because without it, we can’t even call it a bar cart. We added a gigantic punch bowl, our favorite Prosecco and local tonic water from 3/4oz.- Citrus: We both adore a pop of color and nothing better than fresh oranges, lemons, and limes to do the work for you.

G R A P E F R U I T   G I N    A N D    T O N I C    C O C K T A I L Serves 1 cocktailIngredients– 2 to 3 oz natural grapefruit juice- 1 oz your favorite dry gin-  3/4 oz tonic water- A splash of lemon- Edible flowers for garnishStir and enjoy with your besties! 

This post was sponsored by Homesense, however, all the opinions, yummy cocktails and delish food we had during our party are entirely mine.Happiest Thanksgiving to all of you, friends!