24Hrs in NYC: Here are The Most Instagrammable Spots Right Now

We took a quick (SUPER quick) road trip last weekend to New York City, just to disconnect from our regular weekends in Montreal and smell a different air for a few hours. We were super lucky we had a perfect weather and we could say oh HELLO Fall!Our 6 hours drive was filled with popcorn, sparkling water and an endless list of all the things I wanted to duck into in, well, 24 hours. I confess that traveling with Nico & Oli to a city like NYC requires a bit more of planning with a ton more of patience. We had to slow our pace a bit and adjust the endless insta-worthy places I had in mind and go with the kiddos-flow.Here’s a list of what we did in 24 hours and if you’re going with kiddos or solo, you are in luck because this itinerary is perfect for both.Happy NYC love, friends!
B R E A K F A S TWe basically and legit eat our way through every single city we go and NYC gotta be one of our faves, of course! We visited Nickle & Diner (on my list for a while now) and I L-O-V-E-D it. Exceptional interiors, super kids friendly and yummy food. Bonus points? Bacon was crispy and juicy!Open from Mon to Sun, including happy hour days!
The light was pure heaven!

S H O P P I N G  B R E A KThis was my very ME time and I stopped at ClareV. I’ve been a MAJOR fan of everything Clare V since… forever? So  going to one of her dreamy stores is always a must during my trips. located at 239 Elizabeth st, my fave street in Nolita.

P A R I S  I N   N Y CWho can resist exploring Sezane’s L’Appartement newly spot in the heart of Nolita? Definitely, not me! Loving that Maman x Sezane partnered since September in support of their charity DEMAIN. We enjoyed Maman’s pink lemonades and saw with my little Oli, the dreamiest shoes I want in my closet, now.Run to 254 Elizabeth St and yes, you are so welcome.
A  S W E E T   S T O PRainbow cake heaven? check! Rainbow cake balls? check! After our perfect breakfast, we walked around and visited the flour shop. They serve teeny tiny cake balls and yes, they offer nut-free options, which I was ultra happy about. Don’t leave without a picture in the beautiful wall, such a dream!Open Mon to Sun at 177 Lafayette St.

Y E S, G L O S S I E R, Y E S!I know I’m pretty sure we did the happiest place I had in my list, Glossier. Welcome to the era of perfectly-designed packaging, everything millennial pink, bubble wrap bags fever and yes, I splurge myself with a few lil’ things I’ll share with you guys later here. Take note, there’s only one showroom in Manhattan at 123 Lafayette St, go early and avoid line-ups downstairs. If you visited Glossier with your husband, visit the flour shop after and treat him with chocolate, he totally deserves it. 
He loved this corner, obviously! 
O R A L E,  D I N N E R!This place isn’t new around here, but when I think NYC, Tacombi is my number one fave buddy I always have to come back see, hug and love. Hands down, they serve THE best michelada I’ve tried and I wish I had something like this back in Montreal. This time, we did Tacombi Bleecker St (new for my hubby) and forgot about the diet, the gluten, life in general and spoiled our family here. 

W A L L   H E A V E N Our main goal of this trip (besides all the good food okay, okay) was to experience Color Factory. I’ll do a dedicated blog post about it, but in the meantime, you HAVE to visit the “circle game” walls, a color-blocked mural (my kinda heaven), with a series of dots that might resemble printers’ marks. This spot, is the number two of Color Factory neighborhood map, a brilliant treasure map of colorful mini-experiences, like these walls.Just run to 119 Charlton St.

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