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10 ways to enjoy me-time during Mother’s Day!

6 years ago, I was celebrating my first Mother’s Day. My very first celebration as a mom of one and a few years later, a mom of two. It’s been a while since I wanted to sit down and write something meaningful about motherhood and what it means to me being a mother.

Today I’m celebrating Mother’s day in partnership with my friends of Olay, gathering 10 of my favourite “me-time” activities I usually plan when I want to pamper myself while enjoying precious lil’ moments you, mama, deserve BIG time.
Raising little ones is a full-time, challenging job that I’m incredibly thankful to be part of it. It honestly takes a village and it even takes good teamwork to achieve each goal you have set up for your little family. Despite the long nights, the meltdowns, there’s always something magical that makes it so worth it and so unbelievably perfect. 

Go for mani & pedi time!

Trust me, I love being a mama, and having some quiet time just for me only means – mani and pedi session -. This has been my monthly tradition where I can catch up on my TV shows while picking up some really cute nail colours.

Visit a new coffee shop you’ve never been before

Did you know that visiting a new place often helps to boost your productivity and mood? I usually create a monthly list of new discoveries I want to visit and dedicate a few hours during my work week to check out a new spot I’ve never been to before.

Grab lunch with your girlfriends

Girly mommy time mode ON! Meeting my girlfriends while sippin’ some cute cocktails and scrumptious food is my absolute favourite sport, and yes, we usually go for brunch even on a Monday.

Dedicate a few extra minutes  to your beauty routine 

When it comes to skincare, I’m such a fan of having the best products by my side, especially when sleep isn’t quite yet the norm at home with these little ones (*cough, tired eyes, cough*). 

Here are my top 3 choices from the new Olay collection: 
– That dark circle and puffy eyes era are now over thanks to the new Olay’s Brightening Eye Cream, hydrating and creating a new glow I’ve never seen before in an eye cream, filled with Vitamin C, brightening up your eyes instantly and helping decrease those fine lines and wrinkles over time that we are so scared of. If you’re a busy mama like me, this cream will help you look like you slept an entire night, high five!
Olay’s new Mist is one of the best discoveries I’ve experienced in a while. This little bottle transforms your tired looking skin with all the Vitamin C, B3 and Bergamot instant-hydration (providing up to 60% boost of hydration). Did I mention you’ll be obsessed with the fragrance? Yes, you’ll be!
– Mask on a stick? Yes! It’s a thing! And those extra precious minutes deserve a standing ovation for the new Olay Clay Stick Mask! With 100% kaolin clay (I still can’t get over the fact it comes on such easy-to-apply stick.)

Read a book peacefully at home with hot coffee

Yes, mama, you heard that right, hot coffee! On your special day, you deserve to unwind, enjoy some reading and in my case, a warm cup of coffee and a few treats will set me on a sweet note to start off my day.

Go out with your bike & pick up flowers

Yes! When Spring is here, this is a total must activity: grab your bike and run to your closest farmers market. ‘Tis is the season (and I don’t mean Christmas) for everything floral, scented, flowy and pretty. 

Get a massage at your favourite spa

… and this can include lunch with wine right after your relaxing massage or pilates classes when you feel relaxed enough. I love to combine this sweet activity combo of something relaxing, with a mild exercise and always, always great food.

Try a new recipe & cook it all by yourself!

When I feel I need to unplug a bit from my day-to-day responsibilities and motherhood duties, I usually run to Pinterest as fast as I can and plan a brand new recipe I’ve never done before, followed by a solo-grocery store visit and a cooking session all by myself. Try it, it’s so worth it!

Style new outfit ideas & colour blocking combinations 

With every season, new wardrobe changes come into play, and tidying up new outfit ideas is one of my goals I set right away. We usually put away our seasonal clothing in our locker room, and styling them all over again feels like Christmas day morning to this mama, every three months.

and yes, you can also have breakfast in bed

Me-time during Mother’s day is the perfect excuse to start off your day with a special breakfast in bed, am I right? Bring on all the pancakes, fresh fruits, bacon and eggs all served with stunning flowers and a side of sunshine, s’il vous plait!

The big question now is: How do you enjoy your me-time during Mother’s Day?
Endless thanks to Olay for sponsoring this post and partnering with HeyMaca.All opinions, tips expressed in this post are entirely mine.

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