Saying Good Bye to 2018

You probably heard this everywhere you go lately but, where has 2018 gone?A look back at 2018 showed me that life was quite a big change for me and my family, and I received the most rewarding gifts and the most challenging times, at the same time, both on a personal and work-related level.I sat, drank a cup of coffee and thought about the last 360 something days of this year, and all I can say is, PHEW.

 I started a year as a full-time freelancer for the first time in my Canadian life and with a ton of fears and doubts along the way, am I going to be able to sustain this? Am I good enough? Will I be able to do it?
These fears were and are present as I move forward and grow, maybe it’s the beauty of becoming an adult? maybe they help you overcome your roadblocks and hit every single milestone you have written?12 months have passed by and I’m here! still full-time freelancing and with better and bigger projects in mind. 

2018 taught me many things and the most important one, was to believe in myself. 
me? the girl who believes in pink lemonades, with a whimsical style and a sometimes cute accent living miles away from her family? 
Yes, that girl.
Life showed me what’s truly important and the fear of failure I carried my entire life was nothing but the trigger and reminder to wake up every morning to pursue the dreams I had in my mind.Did I hit the lowest? you bet I did. I tossed away toxic people from my life. 
and I’m feeling so much better about myself now, realizing two things: they take away a HUGE amount of energy from you, and that I was spending so much time on pointless relationships that didn’t bring happiness, support and love back.
People come and go, just make sure you keep the very special ones by your side and let them know they matter, every day.I didn’t have time for me.  YES, I was busy working over 60 hours a week, trying to understand this rollercoaster of having your own business, and, I stopped exercising this year, one of my biggest regrets and my number one goal in 2019.I spent too much time on my phone. 
and maybe I still do, but one thing I need to learn is that emails, Instagram notifications, Facebook comments, and all this digital life can wait.My kids, my husband and the real memories we are building in this world cannot wait.I learned to select who I want to work with. From clients, brands and business partners, 2018 made me realize my value in this blogging world and I finished some biz relationships and started new ones that brought me pure JOY.I cared too much and worked too hard on something I can’t control.Cried multiple times trying to understand Instagram, the likes, the unfollows, and the damn algorithm. When social media is your number one income source, you keep comparing yourself to many others at a point I felt I was living my very own episode of Black Mirror.What I learned? The only thing I can control is the quality of my content and this blog, so I focused all my energy here.
and what about the happy memories? all the positive and best things?I accepted who am I. For the first time, I felt happy even with my extra kilos I couldn’t get rid off after I had Oli, wearing skirts because I feel like it, eating all the food and caring about the sparkly soul I have.There’s always a perfect timing out there for each of us. I had to let go some good opportunities for different reasons and somehow, better ones came along the way. I learned we will all have perfect opportunities, sooner or later.Traveling (even little road trips) will change who you are.I’m still incredibly grateful for every single travel I experienced in 2018. The memories I have from the people I met, the things I saw, the cultures I embraced changed me forever. It made me realize how my heart will be forever split in half, between Venezuela and Canada.Travel became the fuel to my the unexpected surprises, the gestures of love, the favors that came naturally, the people who listened when I most needed it, and all the lessons learned the past days.Passion will take you far.My dad told me once, passion is the magic secret we all need every single day. and trust me, I did my best, even with boring accounting tasks, passion was the key to my growth.Some days, you can nap or have ice cream if you want to and that is okay.and I did it. I worked some weeks like crazy and some Mondays, I stayed in bed reading blogs, napping and even having cookies and ice cream when I wasn’t supposed to. 
YES, I am tired, pretty much all the time. 
2018, I can’t thank you enough.I know nothing is permanent and that the only constant IS change.2019, I can’t wait to welcome you, with a set (and cute) list of goals we will achieve together.Welcome home, new year.Happy New Year!