Local Love: How You Can Support a Small Business This Second COVID Wave

Small Business week - Who to support during COVID

With the second wave hitting us again, it is the right timing to celebrate small businesses across the country and learn many ways how we can support them during these hard times. 

Did you know a review on google can help brands with their notoriety, they can boost their SEO ranking in search and read feedback from valuable customers? Did you know we can help them just liking, commenting and sharing their initiatives on social media? By ordering local once a month? And gifting their gift cards? 

There are SO many creative ways we can help small businesses during the COVID crisis, and I encourage you to discover them with me. Today I’m including a list (this would be the first one of many more to come), of my fave Canadian local brands I’ve been loving LOTS.

How To support SMall Business in Canada

If you’re in the mood for cute stationary and accessories 

Our HeyMaca shop carries a wide selection of planners, notebooks, washi tape, perpetual wall calendars and many products you can use working from home, yay!

if you’re in the mood for amazing colourful clothing & shoes

Maison corazon steals my heart every-single-time! They just launched their epic Fall collection and I cannot wait to receive my order already, wot wot.

Maggie Jayne is the queen of making everything perfect, and I’m the proud owner of three Maggie Jayne’s at home!

Maguire is another coup de coeur for this mama, their shoes are designed in Montreal with such a beautiful and well curated colour palettes I’m always in love with.

if you really need epic face masks 

I gotcha! Augustin & Co carries a line of AWdorable masks made in Quebec (for real!). They recently launched special collaborations with Quebec artists that I adore! 

Small business support during COVID crisis

If you’re looking for home decor items 

My favourite are Mimi & August a brand for everyday accessories, and ethically made in Quebec. Dans le sac, a responsible brand with a wide selection of less waste essentials, so so smart!. Demain Demain, a brand we use at home who produces and designs reusable bags from plastic bottle waste, all made in Quebec (and we will be launching a limited special collection together next week!)

If you’re looking for second hand home items 

I cannot recommend enough MakeMovesVintage, a shop owned by my friend Autumn, who has the most amazing eye for second hand home accessories. If you want to pick up some second hand treasures in Montreal, Bien beau is a MUST! 

if you’re in the mood for handmade, unique ceramic pieces 

I just finished a first pottery course and I can’t explain you all the hard work a ceramist artist put in each piece you have at home. My favourites? Of course, the talented Goye, I have many of her pieces at home and the studio, yay! Also, Moody Ceramics, these pinks and coral pieces are too perfect to resist. 1Loma and all her stunning collection (can’t wait to own one), and you?

If you’re looking for zero waste kids fashion 

Boutique Mini-cycle is the one! Founded by a beautiful Montreal mama 2 years ago, they carry a perfectly curated second hand clothing line for our kiddos and an epic selection of brands with sustainable initiatives.


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