Local Love: Baba Souk

A few days ago, I got several comments about how boho, fun and eclectic my style was from a few new friends and funny enough, most of them asked me about my home decor and what my house looks like. I gotta say, what you see in my outfits, is pretty much what you’ll expect from every single corner of my place.I’ve been a sucker for design and cute details since forever and Thank God I married my best friend, who happens to be one of the dreamiest graphic designers I ever got the chance to meet.You can now imagine how picky this duo can be when we discuss our favorite options for our home, so this week, I’m stoked to bring my FAVE souk market, tiny heaven and dreamiest decor shop in the city to Local love, Baba Souk.

– Tell us a bit about this lovely idea, Baba Souk

6 years ago, I stepped into Marrakechs souk market while visiting my husbands family for the very first time.  The color overload, the smell, the beauty… It changed my destiny.

At that time, I had that job, the one every girl would envy. I was a clothing designer for a Canadian retailer and I was traveling the world in search of the latest trends, but the thing is, I just had to follow my dreams and I needed to create something from scratch. I was craving for more creativity in my life and I guess I needed a huge challenge!

– What made you decide to open your business and why Baba Souk

I love the online world, I studied graphic design at university so I love everything about websites, blogs, social media, taking pictures, editing… Inspired by the souk market (and all the crazy beautiful treasures I had found) I had the idea of opening my own online boutique. I wanted to celebrate all those beautiful handmade products I had fallen in love with in Morocco.

Baba Souk, meaning:

A souk in Morocco is like a marvelous market where everything is colorful and handmade. Baba refers to a boho heart, a fun, and positive spirit. 


– Any tips for future entrepreneurs in the city?

Try to find your own voice and style. Be true to yourself and be proud to show your personality and uniqueness. 

Surround yourself with inspiring and kind human beings that will inspire you when things get rough.

Endless thanks to you, Steph! I can’t express how much I adore you and all about Baba Souk.xo