Flash sale: Our Entire Shop is 20% off Until Tomorrow!

A pastel Stationary collection: HeyMaca Products

We are currently packing our bags to escape this weekend to New York City and explore the world of the National Stationary Show! These mamas are beyond pumped to see what the NSS is all about, and to show you what we have planned for our Spring capsule collection (more on this topic sooon).

.. and I KNOW, January feels like a never ending story, and if feels like we are 5 months into 2020 and it’s still Jan, I’m there with ya. 

SO, to alleviate these winter blues (much needed) we have our entire shop collection on SALE! (YES!) 

Use the code FLASH at checkout, we cannot wait to ship each of you these lil’ gems!

Pastel Enamel Pins Collection

These babies are my absolute fave ones, and yes! they’re also 20% off, until tomorrow, only.

Run to our shop, here.

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