My Daily Night Mommy Routine You’ll Love To Try

Even though Olivia is my second baby, there are so many things about Motherhood where I feel I’m still learning, discovering and trying my very best to figure it out. Living a daily mommy life has taught me so much, including how to be a bit more organized *sigh* and to survive our long sleepless nights together.

Oli is already 18 months (I still can’t believe it went this fast) and we have established a fun and steady night routine together that has helped us a lot when it comes to her sleep training and of course, keeping this mama’s precious sleeping time as much as I can. Since Nico, I learned diapers are THE most important item when it comes to nighttime freedom, and Pampers Baby Dry scored this with not only one but my two babies, High-Five, Pampers!

Curious about our routine already, right?

Here are all the details for you fellow mamas, hoping I can help you avoid the mombie era, at least a bit.

1. Park, dinner and a walk around the hood

Summertime? Yes! We are so in to do walks, picnics and everything outdoors. As soon as I pick Olivia up at daycare, we walk, walk and walk together. She loves to explore our endless playgrounds and parks, eating of course some sand followed by some yummy sandwiches. We hop into a park, do a picnic, steal a few secs of air conditioning in a cute coffee shop or we run to the drugstore to get more snacks because you know, these kiddos are always hungry. We are just thankful of our city every day, every single one of them.

2. Give them a long, hot bath with their favorite toys

Bath time for Oli is like going to Walt Disney every night. As soon as we prepare it, she runs, screams (yep, true story) and gets super excited about it. We bought a ton of bath toys for her and she even picked her top 5 we can’t miss in her routine. Mamas, buy something they’ll get excited about, and also, try to hide one of them a week, so you’ll surprise them as soon as they are back in the game.

3. You’ll Need Diapers, and I mean, really good ones

I was there before just like you, waking up in the middle of the night and running to hold my baby crying desperately just because, the diaper leaked. I tried every-single-brand. From organics, eco-friendly “we are the best diaper”, miracle ones like “it’s not going to leak ever” to cloth ones and none of them worked, none. Pampers Baby Dry was simply the best solution for us after testing them for a few nights. We discovered and loved that the 3 layers of absorbency not only did the work but got an A+. Their newest and recent innovation makes them thinner, drier and with a superior overnight protection – something that I know all of you are dreaming about, the same way I was. Bonus track: It comes with stretchy sides, wetness indicator and they’re as soft as cotton – YAY!

4. White music, it’s heaven, believe me

Bath? Check!

Dreamy diaper on? Check!

Now, we just need to set up the tunes and head to bed with Oli. We recently switched her to a toddler bed (oh my goodness, already) and I usually read a short story, sing a cute song and stay with her until she falls asleep. Don’t judge me, I need these baby cuddles so much, for the longest time, ever.

5. Have a mommy time, at least a bit right after

A little snack and even a glass of wine will do the trick right?. You got this, super star mama. I’m proud of you and I hope these tips helped a bit. Now, time for you to enjoy your night of freedom at least for a few hours more, with a happy baby and a happy mommy!

Thank you Pampers for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.
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  1. Loved this post so much with such great helpful tips! We used Pampers baby dry too when Jude was a little babe, and they were BY FAR our favorite and the only ones that worked for him! Gorgeous photos of Oli too ❤️

  2. ugh it's too hot here in arizona to walk in the summers! but we love to do the same thing in the spring time! great tips mama.

  3. Pampers is seriously the best mama! Love your list. The white noise is a must over here too.?

  4. Our routine is super similar! And seriously, could she be any cuter with that little bracelet?! Too cute!

  5. I love this! We have similar days over here, it's always nice hearing I'm no the only mama pushing through with two crazies lol

  6. Ours is pretty similar! I have to agree the mommy time after is the best/my favorite part!

  7. Such awesome ideas! We love going on walks (especially that end up in coffee shops!).

  8. These are such great tips that I might be using soon. Thank you for sharing.

  9. A refreshing night time bath helps babies go to sleep easily. I am using this diaper too!

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