Tiny Food: How to Make the Perfect Mini Burger Bar

Happy first month of 2019! Where are my burger lovers at?I can’t believe we are starting a new year, new goals, new everything, and you know our love for entertaining and yummy food right? On this second post in partnership with Yves Veggie Cuisine, we got our girlfriends and created the girliest plant-based burger bar, filled with fruits, veggies, cheese and all our long-time favourites.
We recently moved to our brand new studio (OMG), making this a perfect excuse to celebrate the move with close friends and family. I was stoked that we are able to cook and entertain now (more on that on the next studio update), so I covered our new long table filled with a beautiful spread with a ton of options to prepare our mini plant-based burgers.I’ve tried Yves veggie burgers before and I loved discovering they provide a nutritious balance of natural protein, made from soy and vegetable sources, making it super tender, juice and flavoured (I didn’t tell some of my friends they were veggie, and they couldn’t believe it).Below I added a list of all the ingredients we used to create our bar so you can stack your burger like a pro, and have ALL the fixins handy for your next celebration at home
These yummy buns!


The essential list 

BURGERS– Mini burger buns- Yves Veggie the good veggie burgerCHEESES– Mini bocconcini cheese- Havarti cheese slices- Mozzarella cheese slices- Burrata- Swiss cheese slicesTOPPINGS– Avocado slices- Lettuce- Arugula- Baby Kale- Caramelized onions- Cherry tomatoes- Sliced tomatoes- Sauteed mushrooms- Grilled onions- Grilled bell peppers- Pickles- Pickled veggiesCONDIMENTS– Mustard- Mayo- Ketchup- Ranch- BBQ- Aioli 

What I adore about creating a burger bar, is that everyone selects their toppings and gets to make the perfect burger they love,  so there’s always a perfect mix for everyone, even if you’re trying new combinations you didn’t think of before. 

Aren’t they the prettiest? 

This post was sponsored by Yves Veggie Cuisine.All opinions expressed in here are entirely ours.Happy cooking!