Living with a threenager

A good friend recently told me we are in a brand new era with our toddlers: living with a threenager.

After remembering my “terrible twos”  phase (you can have fun reading this old post here), I know now our “threes” are quite more challenging than our previous year.

Sometimes I think I’m jumping in a roller coaster every-single-day. One minute he’s sweet, making me laugh with the cutest stories and the very next second he’s rolling on the floor with the biggest tantrum you’ve ever seen.

Having a three year old is honestly the best thing ever but at the same time it’s the worst. There’s a good reason why everyone calls them “threenagers”

Here’s what Nico is doing so far: 

Me: Nico, you have to eat before going to daycare, I did some eggs for you (smiles and hugs for him)
Nico: throws the plate – I want cereal

Next day

Me: Here’s your cereal, it’s your favourite now, right?
Nico: NO! I want eggs

Me: Tv time Nico! Do you want to watch Wall-E or Cars?
Nico:  Dinotrux mama (#eyeroll)

Me: We have to take a bath now Nico, let’s go!
Nico: (no response) followed by crying for at least 1 hour

Me: Baby let’s clean up, our house is a mess
Nico: YOU clean up mama
Me: Nope, I didn’t play with these toys, you did
Nico: Daddyyyyyyyyyyy clean up NOW! (screaming)

Nico: Mama why is the police stopping that car?
Me: That lady was speeding Nico
Nico: Why?
Me: She was hungry and wanted to go home fast
Nico: Why?
Me: She didn’t eat the entire day
Nico: Why?

You need to stop this after the 200th “why”? 

Nico: mama, Olivia is doing noises, she needs to go “time-out”
Me: Nico, she’s a baby and she can’t talk
Nico: Ok, time out now!

Nico is sitting on the floor with his plate, eating a sandwich
Me: Nico you have to go to the table, you can’t eat there
Nico: mama I’m doing a picnic now!

He’s the sweetest little guy with two very defined moods: adorably in love with mom and dad or raging mad I don’t want to see you anymore, lol.

After this stage you’ll discover lots of great things like their independence with many things, the blooming in their vocabulary and their hilarious negotiation skills.

At the end of the day, you’ll only have a threenager once, When did you discover you have a threenager too?

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love "threenager"! I have teenagers now (& one 20-something) and they do act a lot like three-year-olds and vice-versa! I wish I had read this about 20 years ago. People always say "terrible 2s" but I always thought 3s were worse. 3s were also the funniest and best times with my babies. I am going to start using the term threenager with my friends who have kiddos coming up now to their 3's and of course I will let them know where I got it from.

    1. I think it never ends, right? lol! Most of my mama friends are telling me "no worries, then the fournagers, fifthnagers and so on will come.. It's absolutely the funniest stage and the most challenging as well I'd say.Have a lovely sunday mama,xoMaca

  2. havent had a kid so in a way i cant get the whole nice and wonderful feeling but from the two comments above me, it seems a good experience. and in a way should i say i was like that when i was their age? hahahaha, great post you got there.

    1. it's a complete roller coaster, you'll see. and yea, it is the most wonderful stage ever!Have a great sunday love,Maca

  3. Your son is so cute! I understand completely and my daughter is just 25 mths!!! Thank you for sharing these cute stories :}

  4. OH my, yes! I have had those exact conversations with mine, lol. I have 3, ages 10, 6, 5 … those eyerolls keep coming! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your Nico IS a cutie through it all!

    1. wow mama! haha thank you for the update, I was kinda suspecting these eyerolls are just the beginning (:xoMaca

  5. These pictures are adorable! I don't have any children but my nephew just turned two and I absolutely love his new found vocals and cheeky personality. Probably a lot easier for me as I don't have to take him home at the end of the day haha xo

    1. Amy I'm pretty sure you are having lots of fun with your nephew, 2 is the best age! they're so funny ๐Ÿ™‚ and yeah, it's easier returning them at the end of the day, lol!xo,Maca

  6. Such adorable little snippets of conversation, but I'm sure it's less adorable when you live it every day. Can't wait to have kids of my own to live through these years with.Kelly Knows It | A life & style blog

    1. It's the cutest experience ever, Kelly! He's such a funny little guy =)xoMaca

  7. lol it's kinda cute ๐Ÿ™‚ give him both eggs and cereal haha let him choose. He knows he's so cute he got you wrapped around his fingers. Can't wait to be a mom and experience these little things

    1. lol! that's what I did.. Have them BOTH and enjoyyyyy, hahaha. Arent they lovelies? :)xo,Maca

  8. Oh my gosh, this is such an adorable and sweet post! Your little one is so cute!! And "threenager" HA! I love it! Great post babe :)xo Anna Elizabethwww.annaelizabethevents.com

    1. Aww! Thanks babe (: I'm so happy you enjoyed the post, I'm definitely having lots of fun with my threenager,lolxox

    2. Aww! Thanks babe (: I'm so happy you enjoyed the post, I'm definitely having lots of fun with my threenager,lolxox

  9. Haha! Such a cheeky baby but so cute! I can imagine how having a 3 year old as mischievous as yours can be crazy but it's amusing when you think about it

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