3 Yummy Recipes with Chef Chuck Hughes (Totally Kids Friendly!)

Last week, I had the chance to spend a few hours with the talented chef Chuck Hughes, a Canadian chef and Montrealer I’ve admired for a while, along with the TV personality, Rick Campanelli.The LG team was kind enough to organize a fun afternoon hosted by two super dads to show mamas like me, the best dad hacks into the kitchen, smart move right?Besides all the yummy recipes we cooked and tried together, I was stoked to finally see the new LG InstaView Door-in-DoorFridge and LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher you’ll LOVE as much as I did. But, we’ll get into all these fun details a bit later.
Spanish Bruschetta, pan con tomates in the making

T H E  C O O K I N G  E X P E R I E N C EIt’s no secret that most parents are guilty of hiding veggies when it comes to kids, right? (guilty over here!). Chef Chuck and Rick also struggled on a daily basis how to hack the simplest plates to the most complicated ones and make them “kids friendly”. My favorite part of spending a few hours with Chef Chuck was to realize that it comes to cooking, he’s all into team play with his 4-year-old, teaching him how the kitchen can be fun too.I gotta admit, the past 6 months, when it comes to cooking in the kitchen, I’ve been a bit meh, between my long hours’ work and all the travel, I think I lost my passion for it. So, when I heard I was finally meeting Chef Chuck I knew this was a sign to get my mojo back.  
D A D D Y  H A C K S  I N  T H E   K I T C H E N1. Don’t cook for your kids, cook real food and teach them how to eat itChef Chuck knows our kids will ask for chips, chocolate, and cheese only (well, don’t we all?). Broccoli? Peppers? Tomatoes? Maybe not that much. He cooked three simple but really healthy plates we can share with all the family and kids would love it too.2. Get them excited about participating with youOne thing I noticed about my little ones, is they want to do everything by themselves when they’re playing, and I adored how Chef Chuck asks his son to participate with him in the kitchen that I really need to start doing ASAP. Examples? Grate the cheese, cut tomatoes (YES!, with a kid’s safe knife), set up a cute shape of parchment paper, crush fruits, and even seasoning the food before start cooking.3. Grocery shopping fun? take them with you!By selecting fresh ingredients together, show your little ones how fun can meal prepping and cooking can be. I started this with my little Olivia and it has been quite a success so far!
W H A T  W E  C O O K E D (W e l l,  W h a t  C h e f  C h u c k  C o o k e d)AppetizerA total of 30 minutes is all Chef Chuck needed to make 3 plates for us, all so fresh and unbelievably delicious. We started with a Spanish bruschetta “pan con tomate” that takes just 10 minutes from start to finish, and tasted so divine! Want to love it yourself as well? try this easy recipe with your little ones! (see below)MainA fresh pickerel was the main star and cooked in the simplest way, wrapped in parchment paper in the oven. Served with fresh veggies, spices and topped with a hollandaise sauce if you want to impress all the family, obviously.DessertGuess who did this dessert as soon as it came back home? YES! This strawberry fluff was so easy to do (just three ingredients) and in only 5 minutes, even the pickiest little ones, will love it!

T H E  T E C H  E X P E R I E N C ETeam Dishwasher!I never met a dishwasher I didn’t like and if you ask me what’s the one appliance you cannot live without, I’d say a dishwasher. The brand new LG QuadWashdishwasher sold me in so many things, starting with it’s minimalistic and sleek design (design fan over here!), its folding tines and adjustable racks I’ve been dreaming about for a while, only to have more space when you always need it. Also, the new TrueSteam technology helps reduce the hassle of pre-washing all the dishes with the help of a powerful steam from boiling water, can you believe this?Why you need one?The LG Quadwashsteam is an extremely powerful performance yet very gentle, leaving dishes sparkling clean. This model has four arms instead of the usual two, for all the extra cleaning power you need on a daily basis.Team Fridge!If you saw my Instagram stories last week during the event, you experienced my wowed moment of knocking twice and revealing a beautiful transparent window of the new LG InstaViewDoor-in-Door fridge, one of the most important features and an invention of LG.Why you need one?
Looking for a new fridge? this might be THE one. The door-in-door® helps you to access all your favorite drinks by just opening it (and avoiding opening and closing the entire fridge, as we did in the past), helping save tons on energy and keeping our grocery fresher for a longer time. 

SO good!
Can’t wait to show Nico how to cook this together!

Yes, Chef Chuck, you are so right: this line is sexy and sleek. 

Endless thanks to LG for sponsoring this post and for hosting us in Toronto. All the opinions expressed here are entirely mine.