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Local Love: Boxotel, The brand new Montreal hotel you’ll love to try!

You know those days when you need a break from everything (including changing diapers, cooking and running after two kiddos) well, I had one of those days recently. I packed my small (I swear, it was small) carry-on, kissed my hubby with a sweet goodnight and took a girls-staycation day in the brand new and ultra stylish Boxotel.Marie-Jeanne Rivard, the mastermind that designed and built our house launched her first hotel project in Montreal, and I was desperate to see it and try it, let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. I truly felt home. Every single corner is so well planned, with a mix of industrial-cozy and posh vibes me and my homies loved.

T H E  A M E N I T I E SBoxotel is a new eco-friendly, super high-tech and modern hotel that comes with all the perks you are looking for: smart lights, curtains and room temperature (as soon as I came into my room, curtains automatically opened – excuse moi?). You can count there are high-speed internet, TV and even a yoga mat to enjoy their classes once a week in the lobby area. Local is the number one priority for them (and I heart this), you’ll see they encourage local artists and companies integrating to their boutique-hotel. Keeping a green concept, Boxotel offers a weekly complimentary housekeeping service and if you are really in need of a daily one, they can make it happen as well.Finally, if you want to enjoy a stunning skyline view of the city, head all the way to the terrace and make sure to bring your bathing suit. They have a dry sauna, turkish bath and a jacuzzi, aka heaven.
Excuse me, lady, are you pregnant with twins? This is the question my friend Joanna got last week and we are still laughing about it.
T H E  R O O M SWe had the loft king luxe for ourselves and it was a surprise to find so many things in a space of 390sft. A fully equipped modern kitchen, washer and dryer, dishwasher (this is not a drill), fridge and all the basics you’ll need to entertain during your stay. I swooned over the Boxotel branded tableware, made by Benoit Daigle. Bonus points: You’ll have a bathtub AND a shower in the room, hello bubbly nights with the best local products along!Included with your stay, there’s a free breakfast menu (delivered to your room) served by Boxotel’s Cafe Nomad. The cute cafe serves fresh yogurt and smoothies, yogurt with granola, fresh scones and for the sweet tastes, a selection of muffins are also available.Nota bene: Don’t get me started on the bed conversation. So comfy I might bring it back home with me, ok MJ?
I did a tiny mix of salty-sweet brekkie. A fresh beet-strawberry smoothie, granola & yogurt and a cheddar bacon scone.Ps. the appetite was all mine except my leg bruises, brought to you by magical flying legos all over my house.Phew, motherhood!

Thank you, Boxotel for the sweet memories and for sharing with us your lovely hotel. 

All opinions, and sweet dreams are entirely mine. 

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