The January Edit

The first edit of 2024, yeeeeeeeeeah! 

I’m BEYOND excited to be here, start the week with a new edit in the new year and share why January is my favourite month: 

It’s my birthday and Oli’s bday month – it’s the beginning of a new year, so fresh start! – we are inside of a beautiful winter wonderland – I reflect on the past year’s challenges and make it BETTER – January is a month to relax after the Holiday madness – the post-holiday sales are just epic this month – it’s the month where I cook a lot and let my homebody self to be happy. 

Scroll down to see what’s on my January wishlist, my goals, what I’m planning to, and much more!

Scoring the french omelette 

During the Holiday break we watched ALL the episodes of Selena + Chef and became TRUE obsessed with her (me, myself and Oli). My goal? to score the perfect french omelette for breakfast as she did in her first episode with Chef Ludo. The process is so simple, and SERIOUSLY, I will never get over how soft, dreamy and fluffy this omelette is. 

Want to try for yourself? Here’s the recipe.

my fave january finds 

remember, my birthday month? Here’s a cute list of all my favourite finds this month and some ideas for you if you are looking (casually) for gift ideas as well. 

Elle canada x elle quebec news

I ended up 2023 with the sweetest news, joining the Elle Canada and Elle Quebec team as their design collaborator (please, pinch me!) and if you haven’t seen my first design page published in December, what are you waiting for?

The annual subscription for 8 issues is ooooonly $19.99, head here to get yours and I’ll see you in the March issue!

energy in 2024

I don’t know if it was my absolutely terrible 2023, but I feel the energy in 2024. It is beautiful, positive, creative, sweet, lovable, hopeful. 

I hope it is the same for you. Thank you for being here the past 11 years.

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