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We finally visited our Botanical Garden a few ago with Nico to see the butterflies exposition and the cutest permanent collection of plants, flowers and greenhouses.

Butterflies go free was open for a few months this Spring where you can enjoy tons (20,000 to be exact) of colourful wings, caterpillars and of course, Nico was shocked to see all of them actually flying and moving “live”, lol.

I honestly loved it but at the same time I got truly homesick. Just remembering my entire childhood full of hibiscus, orchids and all the beauty you can imagine in every corner (literally) and living 365 days of the year with only one big season, summer-all-year-long.

I felt also sad thinking my 2 babies (in the time being because of the political situation) won’t and can’t enjoy that, can’t enjoy the great weather and food I had, the “caribe”, the colourful corners, the happiest traditions, all the friendly and warm people I met, my family and friends.

I miss everything. I miss you all, but the way it was before.

I miss what we had and I’m not even sure we will have it again.

Jardin Botanique 

Mon – Sun – 9am – 6pm

Kids Friendly: totally! it’s the spot-to-go all year long! 

Calendar of events – here

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